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#223 Nice but spicy lunch at Than Thai, Kortrijk

restaurant review #223 – Than Thai is a Thai (obviously!) restaurant in the city center of Kortrijk. We were here for lunch on a weekday, a couple of weeks ago.

Front of Than Thai, Kortrijk

Colourful interior, Than Thai, Kortrijk

The restaurant is divided into two rooms, bot facing the street, adjacent to each other. The interior is quite nice, comfortable and colourful. Staff were very friendly and welcoming.

Vegetarian dishes are mentioned seperately on the menu. A lot of them contain oystersauce though. We inquired about the possibility of vegan oystersauce, but it ws said not to be available that day.

Two dishes were said to be vegan: the tofu red curry with coconut milk (18,50€) and the garlic ‘black pepper’ tofu (17,50€). The dishes came with white rice (with fried onions on top).

Vegetarian dishes mentioned on menu, Than Thai, Kortrijk

The food was nice, big portions. The red curry is very (VERY) spicy though.

Cracker as appetizer, Than Thai, Kortrijk

garlic black pepper tofu, Than Thai, Kortrijk

tofu red curry, Than Thai, Kortrijk

with white rice, Than Thai, Kortrijk

The restaurant room is accessible, but the toilets are with stairs (very dark!) going up, and are not accessible. Toilets were clean and tidy.

Toilet at Than Thai, Kortrijk. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior in the first room, Than Thai, Kortrijk

Buddha statue with lights, Than Thai, Kortrijk

We had a nice lunch at Than Thai, good food, enjoyable atmosphere, although the curry was very spicy.

Note: after having posted about our visit in a local FB group, several people stepped up to share their experiences. There seems to be a lot of confusion about which dishes are exactly vegan. So best to double check. It would also be helpful if the restaurant clearly labels which dishes are vegan.

Than Thai, location
Lekkerbeetstraat 9
8500 Kortrijk
056/44 34 62

no website

city hall, Kortrijk (Courtrai)


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