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#222 Dinner at vegan resto SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht (NL)

restaurant review #222 – SNCKBR is a vegan restaurant in the city center of Utrecht, just next to the concert hall Tivoli Vredenburg. We were here a couple of months ago, before going to show at the Tivoli. A couple of weeks ago, SNCKBR has been renamed into Waku Waku.

front of SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

A look at the Menu, SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

front of menu, SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

At the time of our visit, the opening hours were not correctly noted on the website. We already passed by at 4PM – expecting it to be open – but they were still setting up tables and told us it would be open at 5PM. So we returned. Although it was still early, the place soon filled up.

SNCKBR (Waku Waku) is a spacious place with a nice, newly renovated decor.
We had several reviews that service could be slow at SNCKBR (Waku Waku), so we decided not to take an entree or soup.
We ordered two mains, a the SNCKBR burger with fries on the side and a BBQ Peking Luck pizza. Luckily, the main dishes came relatively quickly.

SNCKBR burger with fries, SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

pizza, SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

pizza and burger with fries, SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

The pizza was very spicy (with jalapenos). The burger was OK-ish (I’m guessing it was a storebought Fries or Gardein burger). The food was nice, although quite simple for those prices (pizza at 14,95€, burger 12,95€ + fries 5€).

As the main dishes were served within a reasonable timeframe, we still had some time before going to the show, so we decided to order a dessert anyway. But then the wait began. It took half an hour for one tiramisu to be brought from the kitchen (and it came after we asked about it, so otherwise I think we were in for an ever longer wait). What a bummer.

the tiramisu which took more than half an hour to be served … SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

The restaurant is on ground floor, there’s just a small curb to get in.
Toilets were clean and tidy. Liked the stuffed teddy bear on the wall (no pic sorry – it didn’t turn out ok). Didn’t see an accessible toilet though (pity, since it seemed all newly renovated).

Toilet at SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

interior, SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht

All in all: a nice dinner (but on the expensive side). Nice decor. Very friendly service. Bummer about the long wait for the dessert.

SNCKBR, location (now called Waku Waku)
Vredenburg 28,
3511 BC Utrecht,
+31 30 310 72 28

website: https://wakuwaku.nl/

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From across te road, SNCKBR (Waku Waku), Utrecht


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