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#175 Pasta lunch at Petit Paris, Kortrijk

restaurant review #175 – Petit Paris is a restaurant in the city center of Kortrijk / Courtrai, near the central market place. We were in Kortrijk a couple of weeks ago, when we visited waste free shop Zonder Meer, to try some of the vegan cheeses that were available to taste that day. Restaurant Petit Paris is just across the street from Zonder Meer, and Johan from Zonder Meer said that they are always willing to prepare something vegan. So we went to try it!

Entrance and front terrace, Petit Paris, Kortrijk

We were early for lunch and were one of the first custommers. Good thing, because by about half past 12, the place was packed and several visitors had to be turned away.
Petit Paris is not really a ‘restaurant’ for elaborate wining and dining, but calls itself an ‘eetcafé’, a pub where you can also have something to eat. The menu doesn’t mention anything specifically vegan and is rather ‘traditional’ with the usual suspects.

interior, Petit Paris, Kortrijk

menu, Petit Paris, Kortrijk

We asked about vegan options and that was said to be no problem. Also specifically inquired about egg in the pasta, and shortly after ordering, the waiter came back to say that the tagiatelli – which was originally proposed for one of the dishes – did contain egg, but we would be served spaghetti pasta instead. OK!

We had a pasta alegria (13€) and pasta primavera (15€), both veganised dishes. We were served a portion of nutritional yeast on the side, which was nice.

Orval (4,50€) and olives, Petit Paris, Kortrijk (sparkling water was 2€).

Pasta, Petit Paris, Kortrijk

Pasta, Petit Paris, Kortrijk

with nutritional yeast on the side, Petit Paris, Kortrijk

Tables are placed pretty close together and the restaurant was quite packed. But a pleasant ‘busy’ atmosphere.
There’s one large step to access the restaurant (not accessible). Toilets are upstairs, via a steep and rather difficult spiral stairway. Toilets were clean.

Toilets at Petit Paris, Kortrijk. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

very nice chandeleers, Petit Paris, Kortrijk

All in all: a nice pasta lunch. Nothing culinary fancy, but appreciate the effort they put in to offer something vegan. And huge portions!
We hope Petit Paris will put vegan options standardly on their menu, and increase their vegan offer!

Petit Paris, location
Rijselsestraat 22
056 22 05 69


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Kortrijk (photo 2010)

Beguinage (begijnhof), Kortrijk (photo 2010)


Chandeleers and draft beer at bar, Petit Paris, Kortrijk


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