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#280 Nice setting, food mixed feelings, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

restaurant review #280 – A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner at Mary’s Irish Pub in Kortrijk. We originally wanted to go to vegan restaurant BK6 just around the corner, but that was fully booked for the evening.
Note: this is from a visit just before the current lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started (closure of all pubs and restaurants mid October 2020).

Front and large outdoor terrace, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

Interior, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

Mary’s Irish Pub has two vegan options on the menu: the vegan burger and the tempeh salad. The curry doesn’t seem to be vegan, as milk is listed as an allergene.

Vegan burger on menu, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

Tempeh salad on menu, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

The Thai curry lists milk as an allergene, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

Welcome and service was very friendly and swift. We ordered the burger (16€) and tempeh salad (15€). Inquired about the fries and mayonaise and they were said to be sweet potato fries. Got confirmation they are baked in plantbased oil, and served with veganaise.

Vegan burger, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

Tempeh salad, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

The food didn’t take long to be served. Huge portions!
The ‘burger’ is more of a vegetable patty or slice if you will (with avocado and corn inside), with a crispy battered crust. There was a slice of vegan cheese on top of it, in between the bun, but not warm enough to actually melt. So all in all, this was rather dry, and reminded me of those early generation of vegetable patties served in college kitchens.
I’m not really a fan of such ‘vegetable’ patty type burgers, but prefer a brownish ‘burger’ type burger. To put it boldly: it’s not because one puts something between a bun type of bread, that it’s actually ‘a burger’.
The sweet potato fries were nice, although they were mixed with some regular fries.
If you go, I would definitely check about the veganaise again, because it conspicously tasted like regular ‘mayonaise’ to me.

The tempeh salad was great. Large portion, and nicely marinated, really sweet.

We really liked the setting. Nice charming decor, high ceilings, lots of ornaments, nice music.
Bonus points for being fully accessible (with accessible toilet on ground floor). Toilets were clean.

Some impressions from the interior, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

Interior, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

Toilets at Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

All in all: didn’t fancy the burger (and check the veganaise), tempeh salad was great. 36,10€ for meals + two non-alcoholic drinks. Nice setting and very friendly!

Mary’s Irish Pub, location
Kapucijnenstraat 19
8500 Kortrijk

website: https://irishmarys.be/

This review is from before a visit before the second lockdown, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

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Burger and tempeh salad, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

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  1. Oh, the food looks really tasty, and good options, too. Lucky that you were able to eat out and enjoy a little before the lockdown returned. Stay safe and healthy!

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