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#280 Nice setting, food mixed feelings, Mary’s Irish Pub, Kortrijk

restaurant review #280 – A couple of weeks ago, we had dinner at Mary’s Irish Pub in Kortrijk. We originally wanted to go to vegan restaurant BK6 just around the corner, but that was fully booked for the evening. Note: this is from a visit just before the current lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started (closure of all pubs and restaurants mid October 2020).

#258 Light lunch at Schenkers, Apeldoorn (NL)

restaurant review #258 – Schenkers is a café/restaurant in the city center of Apeldoorn. It is a cosy place, with a very large terrace. We were here a couple of months ago in Summer, during our holiday in the Netherlands. It was a nice Summer day, not too hot, not too cold, and we sat outside on the large terrace next to the restaurant. Schenkers has a handful of vegan options standardly available. Although the two girls serving the place were working as fast as they could (and were very friendly) ordering and serving (for all in all rather simple dishes) took quite a while. So I think they are understaffed. The vegan bitterballen, which we ordered as an apptizer with our drinks, came together with the main dishes. The burger came in a slice of bread, which was a bit disappointing. It tasted good though. The falafel bowl was nice. All very reasonably priced (cheap actually). The restaurant room is wheelchair accessible. Didn’t see a wheelchair accessible toilet. The toilet was basic, but clean. …

#246 Nice dinner at Rode Peper en Basilicum, Ede (NL)

restaurant review #246 – Rode Peper en Basilicum is located in the city center of Ede, near De Hoge Veluwe in the Netherlands. I had seen online that they have some vegan options and so I made a reservation, and inquired about their vegan options and this was confirmed. It definitely turned out to be necessary that I had made the reservation, because after we came, the place soon filled up. There are several vegan options clearly labelled on the menu.

#242 Vegan burgers at the beach, Jilles, Oostende

restaurant review #242  – Jilles Beer and Burgers is a Belgian chain with three restaurants: one in Bruges, Oostende and in Ghent. Since a couple of months, Jilles has a seperate vegan menu. Yeah! The menu lists four vegan burgers: all the same hazelnutburger, with different extras. We visited a couple of weeks ago, as we wanted to try the new vegan burger before going to a show in the neighbouring Kursaal. We sat on the terrace. And waited. And waited. And waited … It took about 25 minutes before a waiter came to simply give us a menu.

#241 Loved the food at Veggieburger by Biocenter, Barcelona

restaurant review 241 – Veggieburger by Biocenter is a vegetarian restaurant in the food court of a shopping mall in Barcelona. It doesn’t really sound attractive, but these burgers were some of the best we ever had! Veggieburger by Biocenter is located near the Poblenou district (Avenu Diagonal) close to the University where we went to the conference of the European Association of Critical Animal Studies. The food court is located in the basement (-1 floor) and the Veggie Burger stand is on the far side, next to the meat court unfortunately. Vegan options are clearly labelled on menu.

#216 Vegan burger and croque at Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

restaurant review #216 – Sweet nuts is a combo of restaurant/lunch place and organic shop (mainly food and body and care products). Well, actually it WAS. A couple of weeks after our visit. Sweet nuts announced its closure (January 2019). I’m posting the review anyway (even if it is only for archival reasons). We were here for lunch during the Christmas holidays. Vegan options are indicated with a label on the menu. As far as we could tell, there were only 3 vegan options available: the vegan burger, a vegan quiche and a vegan croque (toastie) which we had seen noted on the chalkboard in the back. We were already seated a while, but nobody came to take our order. We went to ask at the counter whether we had to order there, but got a rather annoyed reply (yes, I will come in a minute!) The young lady serving us was a bit grumpy. When we ordered the vegan croque she seemed to have no idea. We said it was indicated on the chalkboard and …

#209 ‘Beet the roots’ at Ellis Gourmet Burger, Louvain

restaurant review #209 – Ellis Gourmet Burger is part of a chain of restaurants, with several locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. There is one vegan burger standardly available: “beet the roots”, which is made with (the name already gives it away) beet roots. We were at the restaurant in Leuven (Louvain, close to Brussels) during the Summer. The restaurant has a nice interior. There’s also a large terrace outside in front of the restaurant. We inquired about any other vegan options. The waitress was very friendly and went to check ingredients/allergenes with the kitchen. The Portobello burger could be made vegan: without the bun, and without the cheese (but not much remains then; in hindsight, I wonder why they cannot just take the buns from the vegan beet the roots burger?). The other vegetarian burgers were said to be not vegan. So we both ordered the vegan ‘beet the roots’ burger (11€), with fries (3,70€). Fries are baked in vegetable oil. The burger and fries came with mayo. The waitress realized her mistake, and came …