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#216 Vegan burger and croque at Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

restaurant review #216 – Sweet nuts is a combo of restaurant/lunch place and organic shop (mainly food and body and care products). Well, actually it WAS. A couple of weeks after our visit. Sweet nuts announced its closure (January 2019).
I’m posting the review anyway (even if it is only for archival reasons).

front of Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

interior at the back, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

We were here for lunch during the Christmas holidays.
Vegan options are indicated with a label on the menu. As far as we could tell, there were only 3 vegan options available: the vegan burger, a vegan quiche and a vegan croque (toastie) which we had seen noted on the chalkboard in the back.

vegan items labelled with this symbol, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

chalkboard at the back, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

We were already seated a while, but nobody came to take our order. We went to ask at the counter whether we had to order there, but got a rather annoyed reply (yes, I will come in a minute!) The young lady serving us was a bit grumpy. When we ordered the vegan croque she seemed to have no idea. We said it was indicated on the chalkboard and then she said we had to fill out the form to ‘compose your own croque’, which we did.

hummus tapas, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

vegan croque, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

vegan burger, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

We had hummus tapas to go with our drinks.
The food was nice. The burger was a nice firm burger (15,80€) the croque a simple dish (12,80) both with salad on the side.
The food was nice, although rather overpriced.

Toilet is going outside at the back, only one toilet, and rather shabby and dirty (I realise it’s probably an old building, but that doesn’t mean one cannot clean (or paint!) the walls and plinths).

washing bassin at toilets, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Interior, table and chairs at the front, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

interior at the back, Sweet Nuts, Kortrijk

All in all: nice shop and lunch, pity about the wait (and grumpyness). Food was nice (steep price though). Shabby toilet.

Sweet Nuts, location
Steenpoort 3
8500 Kortrijk

no website
Sweet Nuts Facebook

CLOSED January 2019

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city hall, Kortrijk (Courtrai)

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