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Fancy a vegan pancake (or two, or ..)? LEO pancakes, Louvain

LEO pancakes is a coffee/lunch house in the city center of Leuven. And as the name suggests: they serve pancakes!
We were here a couple of months ago, in the Fall of 2018.
It was a nice sunny afternoon, and we could sit outside (small terrace in front).

Front of LEO pancakes with terrace, Louvain

The menu mainly consists of pancakes, and a handful of lunch options (one vegan bagel available). Vegan options are clearly labelled.

The menu, LEO pancakes, Louvain

We had the Chocolate drops pancake (8€) and the Fruit circle pancake (9€) and some tea and lemonade.

stack of pancakes covered in fruit and chocolate sauce

Chocolate drops pancake, 8€, LEO pancakes, Louvan

stack of pancakes covered in fruit and maple syrup

Fruit circle pancake (9€), LEO pancakes, Louvain

Unfortunately it took a very long while for our pancakes to be served (more than half an hour), which was a real bummer. Especially since the outdoor chairs are not really comfortable.
The pancakes eventually came, and they were great! Loved it! Huge portions and as we already had lunch shortly before, we could not finish all of it.

Note: Interior is wheelchair accessible (ramp to go in – didn’t see an accessible toilet though).

LEO Pancakes, location
Mechelsestraat 45
3000 Leuven

no website

Tea on the terrace, LEO pancakes, Louvain

Statue Fonske, CityHall in the back, Louvain



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