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#340 Healthy, fresh and varied! Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge

restaurant review #340 – A new place in Bruges! 🤗💚 (well it was new when I visited this Summer 😉 )

Front, with some outdoor seating, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge
interior, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge

Very happy that there is now also a Hawaiian Poke bowl in Bruges, in the city center on the central market! With view at the Belfry. 😊👍
And by coincidence, we were there at the opening day in August!
I have been to restaurants of Hawaiian Poke bowl in Leuven, Kortrijk, Oostende and Ghent. And now also in Bruges!

Love the food, and it is fresh, and very cheap (especially considering the location – other restaurants on the market in Bruges would easily charge you double for less).
You can choose from two vegan bowls, or make your own. Only tofu as protein, would love to see more vegan options here (better yet, make it all vegan 😉 ).
Medium bowl =10,90€ large bowl = 13,90€.

a medium and large bowl, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge
with tofu Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge
bowl, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge

Only three small tables for outdoor seating. But we were lucky to have a spot. As inside was very crowded and loud.

Not accessible. Steps to get in. Steps inside to get to a table. Didn’t see an accessible toilet.

toilets at the back, didn’t see and accessible toilet – Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
green wall (lots of plastic I think? , Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge
wall decoration, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge
interior, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Brugge

Pros: Reasonable price, Fresh, healthy

Cons: Not accessible, Limited outdoor seating, Only tofu as protein

Hawaiian Poké Bowl, location

Markt 21

8000 Brugge


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Market and Belfry, Brugge

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