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#341 Loved it! Mexican restaurant Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp

restaurant review #341 – Pura Vida Tacos is a vegan Mexican restaurant (well, the name does kinda give it away 😉 ) in the city center of Antwerp, near the Stadsschouwburg ‘Theater).

Large front terrace, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp
menu, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp

Next to some traditional dishes, you can also ‘compose’ your own dish. Choose either nachos, tortilla, gringa, torta … as base and then Milanesa, chorizo, .. as filling.
We had the Torta chorizo (14,5€) and the gringa milanesa (11,5€). Very fairly priced!
Some more mocktails on the menu would be nice.

lunch at Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp
lunch at Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp
lunch at Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp
seatings next to entrance, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp
interior, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp

Large and spacious front terrace, on the square in front of the stadsschouwburg. And vegan icecream parlor Icelab nicecream creations is just a few steps away, and vegan shop Nieuwe Vaart just around the corner!

Service by the young waiter was very friendly, and swift.
Gave a Happy Cow sticker and it was immediately put on the window 🙌

Nice colourful interior. Didn’t like the animal skeleton head on the wall though …

Not accessible – toilets downstairs, didn’t see an accessible toilet.

interior, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp
toilets downstairs, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
Happy Cow sticker was immediately put up, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp

All in all: loved the food. relaxed place!

Pura Vida Tacos, location

Nieuwstad 10
2000 Antwerpen

website: https://www.puravidatacos.com/nl

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logo on wall, Pura Vida Tacos, Antwerp

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