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#342 Lovely take away, Wasabi at the O2, London (UK)

restaurant review #342 – We were in London in March for the final shows of GENESIS (see some clips below and more on my YouTube). The O2 is a very large venue, with dozens of restaurants and stalls in the surrounding hallways.

entrance, Wasabi O2, London
entrance, Wasabi at the O2, London

Very glad to find vegan labelled take away dishes at Wasabi Sushi & Bento.

vegan labelled dishes, Wasabi O2, London
vegan labelled dishes, Wasabi O2, London
vegan labelled dishes, Wasabi O2, London

Several vegan take away boxes available. Loved the food. Fresh, varied, nicely packed, although quite expensive … (I can’t recall the exact price, but remember thinking it was quite expensive).

take away, with view at the O2, Wasabi O2, London
take away, Wasabi O2, London
take away, Wasabi O2, London

Wasabi at the O2, location

Unit 16, 1-34 Entertainment Avenue,
The O2
London, SE10 0DY
United Kingdom

website: https://www.wasabi.uk.com/location/the-o2

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