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#327 Healthy and fresh, lunch at Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Kortrijk

restaurant review 327 – Hawaiian Poké Bowl is a chain of restaurants with about a dozen locations in Belgium. I have been to their restaurant in Leuven and in Ghent several times and and have also visited the Hawaiian Poké Bowl in Kortrijk several times now in the past couple of months.

Next to the City Hall, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk
very spacious place, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk
part of counter, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk

This restaurant is in the heart of the city, on the market, next to the city hall. They have two vegan bowls standardly available: the let’s tofu and the vegan advocado. Or you can compose your own bowl, which I ususally do. Medium is from 9,90€ and large from 12,90€. So very reasonably priced.

vegan bowls at Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk
with tofu, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk

compose your own, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk
with tofu, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk
lunch at Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk

The interior is really spacious in this location (all on ground floor).

interior, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk
front, Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk

I really like these type of bowl places (of course, would like them even more if they were all vegan😉 )

Hawaiian Poké Bowl Kortrijk, location

Grote Markt 53
8500 Kortrijk

website: https://hawaiianpokebowl.be/

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logo Hawaiian Poke Bowl Kortrijk


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