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#328 Nice ‘wurger’ lunch at B-NUT, Brasschaat

restaurant review #328 – B-NUT is a vegetarian restaurant in Brasschaat, close to Antwerpen. We were here for lunch a couple of months ago, in March, on our way home from the GENESIS concert in Amsterdam (see video at bottom). It was a beautiful sunny Spring day, so we sat on the terrace at the back.

Front, B-NUT, Brasschaat
Interior, B-NUT, Brasschaat
Outdoor seating at the back, B-NUT, Brasschaat

The menu is available online here. The menu consists mainly of ‘wurgers’, referring to the waffle shaped burger buns and vegan options are clearly labelled. Had some croquets as an appetizer. And then a sort of waffle toast and a wurger (waffle burger). I cannot remember the prices. I think 15€ for the mains – which is very reasonable!

appetizers, B-NUT, Brasschaat
our lunch at B-NUT, Brasschaat
wurger, B-NUT, Brasschaat
waffle toast, B-NUT, Brasschaat

Nice food, but the burger bun (the waffles or wurgers) were a bit dry (and too much dough for one dish, couldn’t finish it).

Bought some snickers as dessert to take home. Nice!

deesserts in counter, B-NUT, Brasschaat
snickers take-away, B-NUT, Brasschaat

Very friendly service. Nice place, but not accessible though, and terrace chairs not so comfy (somebenches and some chairs).
They said they would be moving to another location in Brasschaat in a couple of months time (hopefully accessible?). Going from the website, the restaurant still seems to be in the same spot on the Bredabaan for now.

toilet upstairs, B-NUT, Brasschaat – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
terrace at the back, B-NUT, Brasschaat
interior, B-NUT, Brasschaat

B-NUT, location

Bredabaan 275
2930 Brasschaat
03/291 7002

website: https://b-nut.com/

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  1. Dirk B. says

    Thank you for this useful and yummy review, Trudi! I can fully confirm your positive experience at B-Nut: very good service and tasty food for reasonable prices. They also have gorgeous mocktails and cocktails.

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