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#326 Dinner at vegan resto Beet, Belval – Esch-sur-Alzette (LUX)

restaurant review #326 – This is the second restaurant of vegan restaurant Beet in Luxembourg, the first one being in the city center of Luxembourg city. This one is located in Belval, a bit outside of Esch-sur-Alzette, where the annual International Animal Rights Conference takes place. It is on a renovated/former industrial site. There are several shops and restaurants in the area, one of which is Japanese restaurant Origami, which we visited in 2019.

We were at Beet in Belval for dinner a couple of months ago, in 2021.

interior, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
plenty of outdoor seating place, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
menu, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
interior at the other side of the restaurant, Beet Belval, Luxembourg

Had a falafel durum (13,80) and a flammkuchen (not on menu – was a suggestion, don’t remember the price). With fries on the side

falafel durum, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
flammkuchen Beet Belval, Luxembourg
fries on the side, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
falafel durum cut open, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
our dinner, Beet Belval, Luxembourg

The food was ok, although not really spectacular. The fries were all tiny bits of chips, maybe we had the lefotovers from the day? The Flammkuchen was a disproportially small portion when compared to the falafel durum.

Beet in Belval is a spacious, sober/modern place, lots of wood in the interior. There’s also a nice shop section on the side of the restaurant. Large outdoor seating area.
Wooden chairs and benches, which were very uncomfortable. Some cushions would be nice!
The waitress wasn’t very friendly and restricted herself to the minimum (and although wearing a facemask, she was all but smiling …).

The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and has an accessible toilet on groundfloor. Toilets were very clean and tidy! (I forgot to take a photo this time …)

vegan cake, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
fridge with pastry (it was the end of the evening ..), Beet Belval, Luxembourg
stairs to toilets, very nice lighting, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
interior, Beet Belval, Luxembourg

Pros: all vegan, accessible, spacious, modern place

Cons: comfort, smile?

Beet Belval, location

5 Av. des Hauts-Fourneaux
4362 Esch-sur-Alzette

website: https://www.beet.lu/restaurant-beet-belval

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shop on the side of the restaurant, Beet Belval, Luxembourg
Industrial site, Belval – Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg (photo from 2019)

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