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#325 Nice lunch in traditional decor, Hiller, Hannover (GER)

restaurant review #325 – Hiller is a vegan restaurant in Hannover, it is located at the edge of the city center. It was founded in 1955 and is the oldest vegetarian (turned vegan) restaurant in Germany.

front of Hiller, Hannover (GER)
interior, Hiller, Hannover (GER)

We were here for lunch in March, when we were in Hannover to go to two GENESIS shows (and there were more to follow – videos of several shows on my You Tube 😉 )
The menu has several more traditional style dishes. Nice to see some other things than burgers, bowls or hummus for a change. There were also some suggestions written on the board.

some suggestions on board, Hiller, Hannover (GER)

We had the pepper steak with potato gratin and the mushroom dish with baked potatoes.
Nice dishes, but a bit heavy with all the cream sauce.

mushrooms with baked potatoes, Hiller, Hannover (GER)
pepper steak with potato gratin, Hiller, Hannover (GER)

A nice location. Very traditional, and old style, loved the chandeleers.
Although there were hardly any other patrons, it was a bit of a wait though.

The restaurant is not accessible: steps to get in, and toilets are on 1st floor. Did not see an accessible toilet. Toilets were a bit old school (like the interior) but clean and tidy.

toilets at Hiller, Hannover (GER) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
interior, Hiller, Hannover (GER)

All in All: nice lunch (albeit a bit heavy with all that cream) in a traditional decor

Hiller, location

Blumenstraße 3,
30159 Hannover,

website: https://www.restaurant-hiller.de/

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Stop Eating animals, traffic sign, Hannover

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