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#324 A piece of vegan cake at Vero Caffè, Brugge (2)

restaurant review #324 – Vero Vaffè is a coffee and lunch house in Bruges. It is located in the heart of the city, but nonetheless on a very quiet square, away from the crowded masses on the market and other busy streets.

It had been a couple of years since I visited Vero Caffè in Brugge (see review here) and there weren’t that many vegan options then.
This review is from a visit in 2021 (Yes, I know I’m late with posting this – I’m still catching up on many restaurant reviews 😉

front terrace, (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges

I was pleasantly surprised to see on that visit to Vero Caffè that now nearly all the pastry is vegan (except for the brownie) and homemade!
And there are now also vegan lunch options, clearly indicated on menu: soup, poké bowl, toast, bagel, and several vegan breakfast options. Friday is vegan lunch day, and brunch on Sunday, with a vegan option.

vegan brunch on Sundays (Summer 2021), (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges
vegan options on menu (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges
Friday is vegan lunch day (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges
menu (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges
menu, vegan options clearly mentioned, (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges

We had a piece of vegan strawberry cheezepie and oreo chocolate cake (5,5€ each), with coffee (3,50€)and tea (4€). Nice.
Although on the expensive side. A chocolate or cookie with the tea and coffee would be nice.

tea, coffee and pastry, (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges
cakes, (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges
pie, (Summer 2021), Vero Caffè, Bruges

There is a front terrace (very uncomfy chairs though) – the interior is not accessible (large steps to get in).
Friendly and swift service.

Definitely a place we want to visit again!

Vero Caffè, location

Sint-Jansplein 9
8000 Brugge


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