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#323 Fastfood vegan pizza, The Tube Bar, Luxembourg

restaurant review #323 – The Tube Bar is located in the buzzing center of Luxembourg city. We were here a couple of months ago, and sat on the spacious terrace. I had seen many positive reviews on Happy Cow, and was excited to try this place!

on the corner, spacious terrace, The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city

Once there, I was a bit surpised there’s were not really that many food options, 4 or 5 pizzas, all more or less the same fastfood type style.
We had the pepperoni and the BBQ, each 14€. (couldn’t take a photo of menu – is with QR code).

pizza at The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city
pizza at The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city
alcohol free beer and virgin moijito, The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city

Service was very friendly and swift! and a nice terrace to sit outside.

spacious out door seating, The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city

Inside not accessible – steps going down. Toilets were a bit smelly and dirty, need a good wash, turning stairs to get there.

toilets at The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
inside stairs, The Tube Bar, Luxembourg city
pizzas at The Tube Bar, Luxembourg

All in all: Nice location with spacious terrace. I’m of course glad they are offering vegan pizzas, but would love to see pizzas with some more varied toppings, and some greens and vegs.

The Tube Bar, location

8 Rue Sigefroi,
2536 Luxembourg,

website: no website

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Luxembourg city
Luxembourg city
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