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#337 Lovely lunch at brasserie Forestière, Brugge (3)

restaurant review #337 – Brasserie Forestière is a restaurant in the city center of Brugge, not far from the theater house (Stadsschouwburg). I’ve been here several times over the years (see REVIEW, which is one of the first on my blog many years ago! and REVIEW2).

Front Brasserie Forestière, Bruges
interior, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

These are photos and impressions from a visit in the Summer of 2021 and in the beginning of 2022 (yes, I’m way behind on restaurant reviews, and trying to catch up ;-).

There are a couple of vegan options on the menu, although not labelled as such. During previous visits it was clear that the staff is very knowledgeable about what vegan means. No problem to give information about ingredients and such. Very friendly too!

menu (Summer 2021) – Brasserie Forestière, Bruges
menu, Summer 2021, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

Some vegan appetizers:

vegan appetizers, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

Main dishes: penne with oyster mushrooms, pine nuts, green pesto and cream sauce (21€) wok with rice, vegetables and tofu (19€) and the tagiatelli with spinach and courgette (15€).

tagiatelli with spanicah, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges
penne with oyster mushrooms, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges
wok, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

Delicious dishes and more than enough portions!

And also vegan desserts available (on one visit, we bought some as take-away).

vegan desserts available, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges
vegan strawberry pie (as take-away – ate it at home), Brasserie Forestière, Bruges
vegan dessert, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

The restaurant is accessible and also has an accessible toilet!

accessible toilet – and clean and tidy! , Brasserie Forestière, Bruges – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
also take away possible, Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

All in all: really nice food, freshly prepared and very friendly! And accessible!

Brasserie Forestièrelocation
Academiestraat 11
8000 Brugge / Bruges


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