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#5 Brasserie Forestière, Bruges ***

Restaurant review #5 – Brasserie Forestière in Bruges lists some vegetarian options on their menu. I had already enjoyed a vegan wrap with tofu when I was there for a work lunch, so we decided to go check it out for dinner.
Before going there for dinner, we had asked whether it was possible to get a vegan menu (explaining what this means), and chef Kenny assured us this wouldn’t be a problem, and that certain items on the menu could be adapted à la minute (e.g. leaving dairy items out of the dish). Forestière doesn’t serve any desserts though, only starters (or soup) and a main dish.

Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

Brasserie Forestière, Bruges

Forestière is located close to the theater (schouwburg), in the center of Bruges. Upon being seated, we immediately noticed the wide space between the tables. Contrary to many other brasseries or bistros, Forestière is not jam-packed with tables and chairs (they could at least add 10 more tables), and that gives a nice feeling of spaciousness. It gives you some breathing space and you don’t have to subgo the conversations of the people at the adjacent table. The room is decorated with nice patterned black wall paper, and a retro chandelier catches the eye. The wooden tables also have a retro look, the only thing not to our liking is the comfort of the chairs. The dito wooden chairs feel as old as they look, with a very hard seating! But on the other hand, one is not seated here for a five course meal.

We were seated at a table for two near the window, and got a plate with four springrolls and a white dip. The waitress immediately stated these were vegetable rolls, without chicken. They were ok, and also considerate of her to reassure us without having to ask. I asked whether the white dip didn’t contain any yoghurt, but she said it was an Italian dressing (however, leaving us a bit in the dark as to what it did contain, possibly with honey?).


When ordering, it wasn’t really clear whether the vegetable croquettes contained egg or not (not in the croquette itself, but possibly in the crumb), so I asked whether the ingredients of the salad with toast and champignons and oyster mushrooms with red pesto were plantbased. They were not really sure about the bread (toast), but I didn’t mind if that was left out. The red pesto was made without cream (dairy). Very nice, with some fresh salad on the side. My partner took the soup of the day (carrot soup), and we were assured it was made without animal broth. The carrot soup conspicuously tasted and looked like tomato soup, but otherwise was quite tastefull.

salad with toast and champignons and oyster mushrooms with red pesto, 9,30€

salad with toast and champignons and oyster mushrooms with red pesto, 9,30€

Soup of the day, 4€

Soup of the day, 4€

Main course

The menu lists two wraps (with chicken or beef) and we asked whether it was possible to get a wrap with tofu (tofu is listed on their menu under the wok dishes, so they have it available). They even checked to see whether the wrap didn’t contain any egg, which was quite attentful. Excellent. I went for the wok with tofu, served with rice.

Wrap with tofu and vegetables and salad, 16€

Wrap with tofu and vegetables and salad, 16€

Wok with tofu and vegetables and coriander

Wok with tofu and vegetables and coriander, 14€

We got two lavishly filled plates. The wrap was huge, with mixed salads on the side. The tofu strips in the wrap were a bit more spiced than those in the wok, the latter being standardly made with soy sauce. No salad with the wok, but some fresh coriander leaves, which give it a distinct taste. This was also a richly filled plate (way too much for me, and I tend to find such a mixed vegetable dish a bit boring after having eaten a few bites). But my partner can eat for two, so the plates were nearly cleared afterall.

The vegan dished we had at brasserie Forestière in Bruges are typical brasserie style, but freshly made, pure and plant based. Staff was very friendly and didn’t have a problem checking ingredients and adapting items from their menus, to suit our vegan wishes.
It’s a nice addition to our list of restaurants in Bruges where vegans are welcome!

Brasserie Forestière
Academiestraat 11
8000 Brugge / Bruges

Location – Google maps


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