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The Bruges Catering Guide. What about vegans?

We discovered this handy pocket size guide on our last restaurant visit in Bruges. The Bruges catering guide /Horecagids Brugge (online version) lists dozens of restaurants and pubs in Bruges, which a short description of each establisment.


Handy in size, sure, but hardly any information relevant for vegans. There’s only one restaurant that explictly mentions vegan dishes in its description, and that’s restaurant Réliva (see our review here)*. Having the word ‘vegan’ mentioned in a restaurant guide for Bruges is in itself already progress compared to a couple of years ago, but still leaves vegans pretty much in the dark as to where they can get a decent meal.


There are other restaurants listed in this guide which also cater for vegans (and we know because we’ve checked them, see our list of restaurants in Bruges where vegans are welcome), but it’s not clear from their description in the Bruges catering guide.

So vegans are pretty much left in the dark. That’s also one of the reasons why we started this blog of course. However, the guide does give us some inspiration to check out restaurants which are new to us. There are five restaurants that mention ‘vegetarian dishes’ in their description. Let’s see if they can also manage vegan! And if they do, of course you will read about it @ The Bruges Vegan 🙂

* UPDATE 2022: Réliva is no longer serving vegan dishes, also not on request. So disappointing … 😦

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