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Your first time trying vegan food?

In a vegan restaurant the other day, the young waitress asked us whether it was our first time trying vegan food???

Made us chuckle 🤭😄🙈

Clearly, we didn’t really ‘look like vegans’ to her 🤷‍♀️🤭

But vegans come in all sizes, shapes, and ages 🙌💚

This one will stick with us for a look time 🤣🤣 #insidejoke


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Geertrui Cazaux (Trudi). Vegan. Gardener. Wife. Disabled. Writer. Activist. Caretaker. Ex-academic. °1970. Belgium. Vegetarian since mid '90's and vegan since 2010. My main motive has always been the ethical perspective, although I am also inspired by the environmental and health aspects. Writing about veganism, animal rights and ableism on Graswortels.org, Brugesvegan.com, and CripHumanimal.org

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