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#338 Lovely take away and catering from Yasai, Ghent

restaurant review #338 – Yasai is a vegan catering business from Ghent. We had ordered a take away menu for Valentine’s day, and Yasai did the catering for a party my husband and I organised earlier this year. So Yasai also does catering on location outside of Ghent.
Technically this is not a restaurant review, but I’m posting it in that category anyway 😉

The Valentine’s take away menu:

Valentine’s take away menu 2022, Yasai
Valentine’s take away menu 2022, Yasai

At our party, I hardly took any photos myself of the food (I know, shameful!), so there was plenty more food than this!

snacks with drinks, Yasai catering
small appetizer, Yasai catering
one of the dishes, with leeks and so much more, Yasai catering
Yasai catering

Loved the food! Very fresh, full of flavour and colour, and nicely presented. Both the take way and the catering was great!

Yasai, location

Yasai Catering
Rabotstraat 25
9000 Gent

website: https://www.yasai.be/

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at our party 🙂 LOVE!

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