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#281 Lovely lunch in great setting, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

restaurant review #281 – Slot Oostende is a traditional restaurant in Goes, which is in Zeeland just across the border, and not that far a travel for us. We had already passed by on several earlier visits to Goes in the past, and noticed that they have a seperate vegan section on the menu.

This review is from a visit to Slot Oostende a couple of weeks ago, before the new lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic went into effect.

entrance, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

to the outside terrace, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

vegan options seperately mentioned on menu, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

We didn’t make a reservation, and it is perhaps advised to do that, because the place was full for lunch. But we were lucky to have one of the last remaining free spots. Also note: tables were placed further apart than before the covid pandemic, so less places available.

Our drinks, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

curry with tofu, small portion, 12,50€, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

wrap with jackfruit 8€, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

with vegan fries and ‘cheeze’ on the side (7€), Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

We had the curry with tofu (the small portion, 12,5€) and the wrap with jackfruit (8€) with fries with vegan cheeze (7€).

A vegan brownie with icecream (7,50€) and cherry/almond pie as dessert (4,50€).

Vegan brownie with icecream, 7,5€, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

vegan cherry almond pie, 4,50€, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

Everything was very nice. The cherry pie tasted a bit too much like almond extract though.
The only ‘slip’ was that the coffee came with cow milk, and a non-vegan cookie. Would be nice if they could also pay attention to this.

coffee with cow milk and non-vegan cookie, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

Portions: this was just right for a light lunch.
Very reasonably priced (certainly compared to prices in Belgium!), although the desserts are expensive.

Service was very friendly and very swift. And it’s a great location: majestic building that transpires history. We were sat in the upstairs room with great wall paintings and a great view on the large beer vessels at the back of the counter. The chandeliers made of antlers are confrontational though :-/

Even the toilets are stylish (with old beer barrels as sinks).

Wheelchair accessible, although the restaurant is divided in several (upstair) rooms and not all rooms seem accessible. Accessible toilet on ground floor.

There’s also a shop in the front where you can buy their beers.

Upstairs room, Slot Oostende, Goes (NL)

Toilets at Slot Oostende (NL). Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Interior, with view on beer vessels behind the counter, Slot Oostende (NL)

shop with beers, Slot Oostende (NL)

All in all: We had a great lunch. Recommended.

Slot Oostendelocation

Singelstraat 5,
4461 HZ Goes,
 +31 6 14562981

website: https://www.slotoostende.nl/

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This review is from before a visit before the lockdown, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.


logo, Slot Oostende (NL)

on the corner, Slot Oostende (NL)

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