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#173 La Trocadero, vegan fastfood near Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

restaurant review #173 La Trocadero is a vegan fastfood self service bar near the Sagrada Familia. You order food at the counter, then go pick up your food at the counter (number called out in Spanish or Catalan). And one is expected to clean up after finished.

We went here for lunch, after our visit to the Sagrada Familia. (More reviews of Barcelona HERE).

entrance, La Trocadero, Barcelona

The menu is shown on TV screens above the counter. There’s an English explanation, and photos of the dishes next to it.

TV with menu above the counter, La Trocadero, Barcelona

The girl serving at counter was a bit rude, and not very welcoming. She hardly spoke any English, but we managed to place our order.
La Trocadero is not for elaborate dining and wining. It is fastfood: burgers and hotdogs. No alcohol served, except some rootbeer.

The place seems newly renovated and seems very hip and modern. Very simple furniture though, but very creative (with vegetable boxes). There was retro stuff as decoration, like old televisions and radios. A very colourful interior.

interior, La Trocadero, Barcelona

Interior, La Trocadero, Barcelona

Interior, La Trocadero, Barcelona

We had a notdog (3,75€), onionrings (3,90€), a ‘bacon’ burger (8,50€), potato wedges on the side (1,80€) and several sauces (0,30 each). It had never eaten a vegan hotdog before, so this was a nice opportunity!
Drinks: a Whole Earth lemon (1,80€).
Our lunch was 20,35€, which is pretty cheap!

notdog, La Trocadero, Barcelona

our lunch at La Trocadero, Barcelona

There are some desserts available (muffins), but we were quite stuffed.

some desserts at the counter, La Trocadero, Barcelona

Toilets were very clean and wheelchair accessible. Entrance was with a code number (written on order receipt), so only patrons of the restaurant can access it.

wheelchair accessible toilet at La Trocadero, Barcelona. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

All in all: a nice fastfood lunch, cheap! And in a hip instagram worthy setting 😉 Pity the lady at the counter was a bit grumpy.

La Trocadero, location
Marina 269,
08025 Barcelona
Tel +34 936 33 97 64


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vintage stuff at La Trocadero, Barcelona

interior, La Trocadero, Barcelona

counter with name on it, La Trocadero, Barcelona

La Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece, still in progress, Barcelona 2018

Closeup of the back of Sagrada familia, Barcelona


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