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Vegan brownie at Cat Café Dreamcathers, Ghent

Dreamcathers is a cat cafe in between the city hall and the Vrijdagmarkt, in a small alley. It is not far from vegan lunch bar Mie Vie.
There are a couple of resident cats who are up for adoption. Dreamcathers work together with the organisations Dierenasiel Gent (shelter Ghent) and Kat Zoekt thuis (Cat looking for a home).
Dreamcathers has vegan cakes and brownies and also offers drinks to enjoy while being among the cats (I think all the cakes are vegan, but not quite sure).
Cats and vegan cake: a great combination! 🙂

front and entrance, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

Photos and names of cats up for adoption, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

Interior, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

cats relaxing, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

I was here a couple of weeks ago with a friend, after our lunch at vegan cafe Mie Vie.

Dreamcatchers works with timeslots. It is advised to make a reservation, but you can always try to inquire on the day itself to check availability. So I did (telephoned beforehand) and it was no problem to come over.

The entrance fee is 3 euro per person (if you become a member, which is 10 euro, the entrance fee is reduced to 1,5€). We were given some explanation about the cat Cafe, and the rules of the house (eg no picking up of cats, let the cats come to you, instead of approaching them).

We paid 12 euro for the drinks and the two brownies, which were nice! The chairs were a bit uncomfy though (there are also some couches that are more laid back), and we found the lighting very bright (don’t know whether this is for a particular reason for the cats or not though).

Some of the cats passed by, or came to inspect us, and we saw several just hanging out, and a newbie taking a peak at us from the introductory room.

Tea and vegan brownie, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

comfy cat and #adoptdontshop bag, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

Ver nice book: Doodling for cat people, Gemma Correll, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

one kitty came to say hello and sniff my handbag, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

enjoying the cat grass, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

Dreamcatchers also has a small shop area with lovely cards, cat toys, and gift items. I also saw cat food being sold, and inquired about the availability of vegan catfood like Ami Cat (as it is hard to find in Belgium) but they seemed to have never heard of it (and replied quite reluctant and hostile to my question about vegan catfood, which I found somewhat disappointing).

shop, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

shop, Dreamcatchers, Ghent

Dreamcatchers, location
Schepenhuisstraat 17
9000 Gent


It was a very dark and rainy day in Ghent:

Previously, we had a nice lunch at Vegan bar Mie Vie, which is just 2 minutes away.

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