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Vegan brownie at Cat Café Dreamcathers, Ghent

Dreamcathers is a cat cafe in between the city hall and the Vrijdagmarkt, in a small alley. It is not far from vegan lunch bar Mie Vie. There are a couple of resident cats who are up for adoption. Dreamcathers work together with the organisations Dierenasiel Gent (shelter Ghent) and Kat Zoekt thuis (Cat looking for a home). Dreamcathers has vegan cakes and brownies and also offers drinks to enjoy while being among the cats (I think all the cakes are vegan, but not quite sure). Cats and vegan cake: a great combination! 🙂 I was here a couple of weeks ago with a friend, after our lunch at vegan cafe Mie Vie. Dreamcatchers works with timeslots. It is advised to make a reservation, but you can always try to inquire on the day itself to check availability. So I did (telephoned beforehand) and it was no problem to come over. The entrance fee is 3 euro per person (if you become a member, which is 10 euro, the entrance fee is reduced to 1,5€). …

Simple vegan meringues

Vegan meringues, impossible you think? Think again! It all started with a simple post a couple of weeks back from someone who had experimented making vegan meringues and posted the result in the immensly popular facebookgroup What fat vegans eat. The secret ingredient? Chickpea brine! When you whip the brine from jarred or canned chicpeas, it looks like whipped egg-white. Add sugar, put in the oven, et voilà! People have been experimenting with all kinds of variations in shapes and colours, adding ingredients here and there to make it more stable (less fluid), using different kinds of sweeteners, and now also making other things with whipped chickpea brine like chocolate mousse. The meringue hype (or chickpea hype) has even resulted in a seperate facebook group ‘vegan meringue – hits and misses‘ where people post photos of their creations. So I decided to give it a go. Without any fancy ingredients. And it works! recipe simple vegan meringues Just plain simple chickpea brine and powdered sugar, and some drops of lemon juice. I used the brine of two jars of organic chickpeas (contain chickpeas, …

Vegan Matt & Nat bags and wallet from shop Végissime

Shop review #12 – Matt & Natt is a vegan Canadian company which makes handbags, briefcases, wallets and other accessories. I had my eyes on one particular bag, but didn’t find it in Belgium. Ordering directly from the company in Canada (or other American webshops) would entail paying tens of euros to customs and taxes for import in the EU. I had often encounterd such unpleasant surprises from orders in the US in the past, so did not want to have that happen again. The Belgian branch of webshop Zalando has some products of Matt & Nat available, but not the bag, nor the colour I was looking for. I eventually found the bag I was looking for (Blinkin Citrus) on a French – Paris based vegan webshop, Vegissime. Unfortunately also with high postal costs for shipping to Belgium (15euro as opposed to free delivery within France), which I think is absurd living so close to the French border! Alas, the ‘Union’ of Europe does not extend to the postal services yet 😦 Ordering online at French webshop Vegissime and …

Tea in a box

I had been looking out for a tea box for some time. Wanted to have the different sorts of tea neatly sorted. I found it pretty unhandy, when wanting to choose a kind of tea or offering it to visitors, to take out all the seperate tea boxes. I found this one at Horeca Totaal, a large shop aimed at food professionals, just outside the city center of Bruges (review of the shop will follow). Pretty happy with this tea box! Tea box Horeca Totaal, 25,41€

Pumpkins, too many pumpkins!

I wanted some more variety of pumpkins in my vegetable garden! I grew all of the pumpkin plants myself, mostly from organic seeds bough through the organic gardening association VELT. And they all delivered! Plenty! I store the pumpkins in our cool cellar, and they will keep good for months to come. I also prepare some pumpkin puree (mash) and put it in handy portions (1 cup, two cups) in the freezer. Ready to use for those occasions when I don’t have the time to cut and clean a pumpkin. This is our collection of all the pumpkins that we harvested this year (yes, I think I overdid it a bit ;-). Different varieties: Potiron Bleu, Uchi Kuri, Red Kuri, Spaghetti Squash, Sweet Dumpling and Butternut. And some undetermined that just grew on the compostheap. I just harvested the butternuts today (the bottle shaped pumpkins). These are the most difficult to ripen I find. But I’m taking them inside anyway now, as it’s getting close to freezing point some nights.

Summer abundance in our vegetable garden!

We’ve tried to put more variety into our vegetable garden this year. Different sorts of cabbages, a wide variety of lettuce, five different sorts of haricots…  Not everything has been evenly succesfull (cauliflower the size of an orange 😉 ), but we are pretty happy with what we have harvested so far! And the pumpkin plants, zucchini, cabbages are not store bought, but are all home grown from organic seeds! We buy most of it through the ecological gardening association VELT. The vegetable garden: Pics of the Summer harvest. Some of them are too pretty to eat, don’t you think? Most of the lettuce varieties we have in our vegetable garden are ‘grow and pick’ lettuce. You just pick as much as you need, and have fresh lettuce every day! Wheras a head of lettuce has to be harvested fully when it’s grown, and can be too much at once. The flowers in the pic are edible too: nasturtium (Tropaeolum). PS: does spitskool really translate as ‘ox heart cabbage’? Maybe that’s why I don’t like it very …

Sunday morning pancakes!

Relaxing on a Sunday morning! Easy to make vegan pancakes, topped with some maple syrup. Yummie! And of course you can make them any day of the week 😉 This is what you need for the vegan pancakes: 1 cup + 1/2 cup soy milk 1 cup + 1/3 cup all purpose flour (or mix with some spelt flour) 2 tbs rapeseed oil 1 tbs sugar 1 ts baking powder 1 ts vanille extract 1/4 ts salt 1 to 2 tbs water, to thin batter if needed Maple syrup, to serve Add the soy milk and everything else in a blender and blend. Scrape down the sides and blend again for a few seconds. Pour some batter in a pan and bake for a few minutes on each side. Ready! recipe adapted from Vegan Yum Yum