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Summer abundance in our vegetable garden!

We’ve tried to put more variety into our vegetable garden this year. Different sorts of cabbages, a wide variety of lettuce, five different sorts of haricots…  Not everything has been evenly succesfull (cauliflower the size of an orange 😉 ), but we are pretty happy with what we have harvested so far! And the pumpkin plants, zucchini, cabbages are not store bought, but are all home grown from organic seeds! We buy most of it through the ecological gardening association VELT.

romanesco, red cabbage and a photobombing cat :-)

romanesco, red cabbage and a photobombing cat 🙂

The vegetable garden:

Pics of the Summer harvest. Some of them are too pretty to eat, don’t you think?

Most of the lettuce varieties we have in our vegetable garden are ‘grow and pick’ lettuce. You just pick as much as you need, and have fresh lettuce every day! Wheras a head of lettuce has to be harvested fully when it’s grown, and can be too much at once. The flowers in the pic are edible too: nasturtium (Tropaeolum).

a bowl of freshly picked lettuce

a bowl of freshly picked lettuce

PS: does spitskool really translate as ‘ox heart cabbage’? Maybe that’s why I don’t like it very much (luckily, the other half of the Bruges vegan does, since we now have plenty in the freezer!).



  1. What an incredible garden you have! I miss having a garden – at the moment I live close to the city in a terrace house which only has a tiny courtyard with NO sunlight. It seriously takes three days just to dry my washing. I had some herbs and chilli plants, but I took them to my parents for babysitting as they were all dying from a lack of sun. Hopefully my next place will be better!

    • thanks for your comment Caeli. Yes, it’s great to be able to grow your own vegs! Hope you have a sunny terrace or garden soon so you can enjoy it too!

  2. What an abundance of delicious food!! Looks as good as it tastes!! A feast for the eyes!!

    Bon appetite! 🙂

    ❤ carmen

  3. Oh wat een tuin zeg!! Is dat een eigen tuin of huren jullie een stadstuintje? Lijkt me moeilijk een grote tuin te vinden in Brugge centrum. (zelfde voor Oostende, zucht!)

  4. A great produce & what a fantastic garden! We have just got an allotment & are preparing the garden for wintertime & are planning ahead!!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, delightful yield! Veggies are so colorful, they bring joy for the eyes as much as they do the tastebud/stomach. No need to eat others. My garden is much smaller, but I do things as nature does (as much as I can), so while the yield is there, the number of producing plants is much smaller.

    I am working on the next post which is a summary of an hour’s worth of ‘work’ in the heat of a Texas summer. Really it wasn’t much work at all, but it is HOT here. The outdoor shock of cold water from the hose is always welcome when finished.

    Kitty is a cutie. 😀

    • Thank you. We have a really ‘moderate’ climate here, with normal Summer temperatures of about 20 to 25°. It very rarely goes above 30°! Which I guess must seem pretty cool to you 🙂

      • Yes! That is very cool by Texas standards. It’s typically scorching hot and unusually dry at the moment. Grass is always greener at other latitudes. Cheers, Trudi!

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