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Vegan Matt & Nat bags and wallet from shop Végissime

Shop review #12 – Matt & Natt is a vegan Canadian company which makes handbags, briefcases, wallets and other accessories. I had my eyes on one particular bag, but didn’t find it in Belgium. Ordering directly from the company in Canada (or other American webshops) would entail paying tens of euros to customs and taxes for import in the EU. I had often encounterd such unpleasant surprises from orders in the US in the past, so did not want to have that happen again.
The Belgian branch of webshop Zalando has some products of Matt & Nat available, but not the bag, nor the colour I was looking for.

Matt & Nat, no animals were hurt making this bag

Matt & Nat, no animals were hurt making this bag

I eventually found the bag I was looking for (Blinkin Citrus) on a French – Paris based vegan webshop, Vegissime. Unfortunately also with high postal costs for shipping to Belgium (15euro as opposed to free delivery within France), which I think is absurd living so close to the French border! Alas, the ‘Union’ of Europe does not extend to the postal services yet 😦

Ordering online at French webshop Vegissime and paying them through bank transferral (no credit cards accepted – only French Carte Blue or bank transferral) went very smooth. I was notified by e-mail when they received my payment and when my parcel was shipped, and could follow the route of my parcel via La Poste. I ordered on Wednesday evening and my package arrived with regular Belgian postal services on Tuesday morning, which I think was very swift!

I bought these:

Matt & Nat handbag Blinkin Citrus, 102€

Matt & Nat handbag Jorja Blush, 108€ at discount price: 90€

and a wallet from Vegetarian Shoes, 50€

Matt & Nat handbag Blinkin Citrus, 102€

Matt & Nat handbag Blinkin Citrus, 102€

Matt & Nat handbag Jorja Blush, 108€ at discount price: 90€

Matt & Nat handbag Jorja Blush, 108€ at discount price: 90€

Wallet Vegetarian Shoes, 50€

Wallet Vegetarian Shoes, 50€

Pretty happy with these!

The Citrus handbag is a bit more greenish than I had expected, but I like it nonetheless. The wallet from vegetarian shoes was much smaller than I had thought (although measurements are clearly noted on the website, but I guess I didn’t have the right idea about it).
Végissime also has a regular shop in Paris (in between Pantheon and Notre dame). Next time we’re in Paris, we’ll surely pay them a visit to see the other goodies in the store!


Webshop Végissime – France

Vegan brand Matt & Nat – Canada

Vegetarian shoes – UK


Are you done yet. I want my chair back …



  1. Oh zo mooi!
    Ik wil al heel lang een mooie tas van hen, maar twijfel altijd zo lang (omdat ik er altijd meer dan één mooi vind), dat ze uiteindelijk uitverkocht zijn. Onlangs in Berlijn opnieuw zo lang zitten twijfelen dat ik er uiteindelijk geen enkele heb genomen (en achteraf thuis spijt hebben natuurlijk).

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  3. The Lighthearted Kitchen says

    They are so pretty!!!! Love the funky colors! I don’t know what it is about these bags that attract cats 😉

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