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#367 Nice take away lunch Fluffy Falafel, Kortrijk

restaurant review 367 – Fluffy falafel is a new vegan place in Kortrijk. It opened in 2022, and is run by Farah and Wasim Bayazid. Wasim came to Belgium in 2015 as a refugee from Syria. After making some falafels for a friend – following his grandmas recipe – he started a catering business and now has his own shop in Kortrijk.In a former butcher shop no less 😊👏💚 (see ‘Slagerij’ above the door)

A visit to vegan shop V.GAN, Brussels

Shop review #62 – A couple of weeks ago we stopped in Brussels on our way to Leuven for a visit to vegan shop V.GAN. It is located in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, on the east side of Brussels. V.GAN is medium sized vegan shop. It has large section of cosmetics and wines. And the usual suspects like plantbased milk drinks, cereals, flours, bread spreads. Also a fridge section with tofu, seitan products, bread spreads and some other things. The freezer mainly contained vegan ice cream, and some Beyond Meat products. I was hoping to find some more items in the freezer.   We bought some items that are not so readily available in other shops, like large TVP chuncks and vegan ‘egg’ omelet from Soyana. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Geertrui (@trudi_brugesvegan) Pros: all vegan, not having to check labels 🙂 Cons: not accessible – large steps to get in. V.GAN, location Ridder Koninglaan 47 1200 Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe 02 466 79 53 website: See the list of shops, on my blog The Bruges Vegan, …

Cinnamon rolls, vegan cheesepie and donuts, vegan bakery Peas, Hasselt

shop review #54 – Peas is a vegan bakery in city center of Hasselt. Peas was previously on another location on the edge of the city, but had no storefront then. This shop in the city center of Hasselt opened in June. We stopped by shortly after it had opened end June, on our way back home after a holiday. There were cinnamon rolls with several flavours (speculoos, chocolate, classic, pistache, ..), carrot cake and mini cheese cakes in several flavours. There are no tables to have a cup of coffee (plenty of space though). We asked why not, and the lady replied that would mean they are a different type of bussiness (‘horeca’ and not a shop). The lady serving us was very reserved, definitely not in for some chit chat or a smile. We bought some cakes, rolls and donuts. They were nice, but very dense. They are mostly all in the same ‘cube shaped style’ and have a dense cheese like texture, and on the expensive side (most connamon rolls 3,50€; cupcakes 2,50€ or …

T-shirts, sweaters and more at eco-vegan shop Leeloo, Bruges

Shop review #52 – Leeloo is a clothes and accessories shop in the city center of Bruges. It is located in the Sint Jakobsstraat, which is very close to the central market. It exists since about 20 years, and has always focused on selling sustainable, eco-friendly clothing! In April 2018, Leeloo announced on their facebook page that from then on, all products at the store are animal free! Yeah! So shortly afterwards, I went to pay them a visit. The shop is well packed, with a great selection of T-shirts, pants, sweaters, … There are also some body and care products and some bags. The shop has a nice modern ‘urban’ look, and several mirrors give it a more spacious impression. There’s also a wall with a nice collection of stickers. I looked around for a while, and then boughts some T-shirts. The only thing that withheld me from shopping a bit longer, was the very loud techno music (I can only describe it as a mixture between house and Kraftwerk 😀 ) which was driving …

Stylish handbags, shoes and more at vegan shop Amapola, Barcelona

shop review #50 – Amapola is a vegan shop in the city center of Barcelona, on the north side in the Vila de Gracia district. It sells T-shirts, handbags, wallets and shoes.  And some other accessories like jewelry and bonnets. (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). We were here a couple of weeks ago, and it was the first stop in our visit to Barcelona. The shop is quite spacious and has a nice selection of items, from different brands. We bought some shoes, and a wallet from Matt & Natt! Good to know: the shop is fully accessible, with a wheelchair ramp leading down into the shop Amapola, location Travessera de Gràcia, 129, 08012 Barcelona +34 930 10 62 73 website: See our list of shops, which may interest vegans. View this post on Instagram In Barcelona! First stop, vegan shop Amapolo 😎 @amapolaveganshop 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 #vegan #vegantravel #veganinbarcelona #veganspain #vegancatalonia #barcelona #veganshop A post shared by trudi_brugesvegan (@trudi_brugesvegan) on Jan 31, 2018 at 11:43pm PST

Vegala Vegan Beauty shop, Barcelona

Shop review #49 – VeGala is a vegan shop in Barcelona with cosmetics and body and care products. We stopped here just after arriving in Barcelona, as I wanted to get some facial cream and make up remover. And it was not so far from vegan shop Amapolo (with handbags, shoes and wallets). (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). Vegala is a rather small shop, in the north side of Barcelona, in the Vila de Gracia area. Not a very large stock of products, but I found what I needed, and also bought a vegan foundation. Very friendly lady, who took her time to give advice. These are the products I bought (total of 45 euro). Vegala Vegan Beauty Shop, location C/Santa Eugenia 16, local 4 08012 Barcelona Cataluña, España website: See our list of shops, which may interest vegans.

Eat your heart out! A look inside vegan supermarket Ecocentre in Barcelona

Shop review #48 – Ecocentre is a vegan shop in the city center of Barcelona. We went to Ecocentre after visiting the nearby Sagrada Familia and having lunch at vegan restaurant La Trocadero. (More reviews of Barcelona HERE). View this post on Instagram Hotdog! It's been a long time 😎 Lunch at vegan resto La trocadero. Near Sagrada Familia. 🌭🌭🌭🌭 #barcelona #sagradafamilia #gaudi #animalrights #veganbarcelona #barcelona #latrocadero #urbanveganfood #veganfastfood #notdog A post shared by trudi_brugesvegan (@trudi_brugesvegan) on Feb 1, 2018 at 3:18am PST   The front of the shop is rather small, but after opening the door and upon entering we were overwhelmed by the size of Ecocentre. Whooot! It’s a (small) supermarket! The place is packed with vegan goodies, food items like cereals, cookies, pasta, but also faux meats, icecream, cheese and pies and cakes! And also some books, cosmetics body and care products and cleaning products. It is so exciting to visit a vegan shop, and certainly one this size! But also so reassuring, since one does not have to check labels to see …