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A visit to vegan shop V.GAN, Brussels

Shop review #62 – A couple of weeks ago we stopped in Brussels on our way to Leuven for a visit to vegan shop V.GAN. It is located in Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe, on the east side of Brussels.

front and entrance, V.GAN, Brussels

V.GAN is medium sized vegan shop. It has large section of cosmetics and wines. And the usual suspects like plantbased milk drinks, cereals, flours, bread spreads.

cosmetics, V.GAN, Brussels

vegan wines, V.GAN, Brussels

look inside V.GAN, Brussels

a look inside V.GAN, Brussels

Also a fridge section with tofu, seitan products, bread spreads and some other things. The freezer mainly contained vegan ice cream, and some Beyond Meat products. I was hoping to find some more items in the freezer.

freezers, V.GAN, Brussels

Yarrah dog food and cat litter, V.GAN, Brussels

cleaning products, V.GAN, Brussels

gluten powder to make seitan, V.GAN, Brussels

bags and wallets, V.GAN, Brussels

T-shirts, V.GAN, Brussels


We bought some items that are not so readily available in other shops, like large TVP chuncks and vegan ‘egg’ omelet from Soyana.

Pros: all vegan, not having to check labels 🙂

Cons: not accessible – large steps to get in.

V.GAN, location

Ridder Koninglaan 47
1200 Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe
02 466 79 53

See the list of shops, on my blog The Bruges Vegan, which may interest vegans.

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