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#284 Nice gastronomic vegan lunch at Naturell, Ghent

restaurant review #284 – Naturell is the ‘sister restaurant’ of ‘t Aards Paradijs in Nevele, which we have visited a couple of years ago (see restaurant review #156 here). In 2010, chef Lieven Lootens was awarded the title of best vegetable chef of the year (beste Groentekok). Our visit to ‘t Aards Paradijs was a great gastronomic experience, and we have been wanting to go to Naturell for quite a while. A couple of weeks ago it finally happened, as we went there to celebrate my 50th birthday. Yeah 🙂

This review is from a visit to Naturell in October 2020, before the second lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started.

Naturell, Ghent, outside terrace on the right (not set up in Winter)

Colourful interior, Naturell, Ghent

interior: a view at the open kitchen, Naturell, Ghent

Naturell is in the city center of Ghent, near the medieval fortress het Gravensteen. Naturell has a ‘vegetable menu’ available (which I think is standardly vegetarian but not necessarily vegan). Anyway, I made a reservation by telephone a couple of days beforehand and asked for a vegan menu, which was said to be no problem.

Naturell has a very colourful interior, with some bright elements against the wall (eg the fake flowers and greens – a bit kitsch to our taste). It’s not a big place, and places are limited (especially with ‘distancing’ measures because of the COVID pandemic). The arm chairs were comfortable.
We were here for lunch and could took place at a table for two.

When the first appetizer came, we repeated that we asked for a vegan menu, and the appetizers were promptly – without a word – taken away again. A couple of minutes later we were served other appetizers: a crispy potato, corn soufflé with wasabi and baba ganoush with basil creme.

our drinks, Cassis and citrus and lime mocktail, 10 euro each, Naturell, Ghent. 1 liter still water with our food was 7€.

appetizers with drinks, crispy potato, corn soufflé with wasabi, Naturell Ghent

baba ganoush with basil creme, Naturell, Ghent

These were the four courses (55 euro per person) that we were served (more ingredients were mentioned, but I couldn’t remember everything 😉 ).

  • leeks, fennel, watercress
  • onions, beluga lentils, pumpkin, vadouvent
  • pied du mouton (a mushroom 😉 ), field fungus (akkerzwam) and walnut oil, cauliflower, turnip, cauliflower mousse
  • dessert: sea buckthorn berry and saffron with popped rice on top

Course 1, leeks, fennel, watercress, Naturell, Ghent

Course 2, onions, beluga lentils, pumpkin, vadouvent, Naturell, Ghent

Course 3, pied du mouton (a mushroom 😉 ), field fungus (akkerzwam) and walnut oil, cauliflower, turnip, cauliflower mousse, Naturell, Ghent

Course 4 – dessert: sea buckthorn berry and saffron with popped rice on top, Naturell, Ghent

Courses followed in reasonable time. Nice combination and nice presentation too.

As it was the first time we went to Naturell, it would have been nice if the waitress would have given some us so information when we entered (eg we had to ask how many courses we would be served – we had no idea, turned out to be four) or a welcoming chat perhaps. She seemed very reserved.

The restaurant room itself is accessible but toilets are downstairs. Did not see an accessible toilet.
Toilets were clean, although it seemed to be an old building and some parts could use some renovation (eg hardly any water coming out of the tap to wash your hands).

Toilets – downstairs, at Naturell, Ghent; Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior, Naturel, Ghent

All in all: We had a very nice 4-course gastronomic vegan lunch. More expensive than ‘regular’ restaurants, but it is a different culinairy experience than an average pizza or wrap 😉 Good value for money, although the mocktails (10 euro each) are really overpriced.

Note: This review is from a visit before the lockdown due to COVID, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

Naturell, location

Jan Breydelstraat 10
9000 Gent
09 279 07 08

website: https://www.naturell-gent.be/

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Interior, Naturell, Ghent

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