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Shopping at GoVeg vegan shop, Liège

Shop review #32 – Goveg is a vegan shop in city center of Liège (in the south of Belgium, 200 km from Bruges). We had already got to know this shop during Vegan Summerfest in Ghent last year (see review here). We planned a trip to Liège to visit the Human Zoos exposition in La Cité Miroir (more about this very interesting exhibition in a later blogpost!) so this was a perfect occasion to do some shopping at GoVeg. The Goveg vegan shop is nor far from restaurant Como en Casa (actually in the same street), where we had lunch (review will follow). The shop is not really big, but it is packed with the ‘usual suspects’: body and care products, soy chuncks, vegan shoes, grains, nuts, jam, cereals, chocolate, etc. Also several coolers with vegan cheezes, sausages, pizza, burgers, etc. I was happy to find a pack of ‘vegan eggs’ from Follow Your Heart, which I quite like to eat scrambled! And also the vegan caviar that I had discovered first in Ghent and later also bought at …

Selection of soy sauces

Shop review #3 – There’s a nice selection of soy sauces at the organic shop Origin’O in Bruges. Not only the standard tamari and shoyu, but also different flavoured ones. We normally use standard tamari and shoyu, but decided to give these special ones a go: the teriyaki (sweet soy sauce) and the coriander and wasabi tamari. Nice additions in our kitchen, with a more distinct flavour. The Teriyaki is a new addition in the range of organic LIMA products. Next to the coriander and wasabi, there are many other seasoned soy sauces from LIMA. We use quite a lot of soy sauce: in marinades (e.g. marinating tempeh or tofu or boiling TVP), in making seitan, in stews, as a sauce in woks or on rice, to fry sunflower seeds in, or just as a dip sauce for snacks.