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T-shirts, sweaters and more at eco-vegan shop Leeloo, Bruges

Shop review #52 – Leeloo is a clothes and accessories shop in the city center of Bruges. It is located in the Sint Jakobsstraat, which is very close to the central market.
It exists since about 20 years, and has always focused on selling sustainable, eco-friendly clothing!

front of shop Leeloo on the right, Belfry in the back, Bruges

Animal Friendly Clothing signs in the shop window, Leeloo, Bruges

interior, LeeLoo, Bruges

In April 2018, Leeloo announced on their facebook page that from then on, all products at the store are animal free! Yeah! So shortly afterwards, I went to pay them a visit.

The shop is well packed, with a great selection of T-shirts, pants, sweaters, …ย There are also some body and care products and some bags. The shop has a nice modern ‘urban’ look, and several mirrors give it a more spacious impression. There’s also a wall with a nice collection of stickers.
I looked around for a while, and then boughts some T-shirts. The only thing that withheld me from shopping a bit longer, was the very loud techno music (I can only describe it as a mixture between house and Kraftwerk ๐Ÿ˜€ ) which was driving me nuts.ย  I must be getting old ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here are some more pics from vegan shop Leeloo:

Leeloo, location
Sint-Jakobsstraat 19
8000 Brugge


See ourย list of shops, which may interest vegans.

Restaurant De Republiek is just across the street of shop Leeloo (see reviews). Also just across the street is sandwich cafe Brazi’s, where I bought a sandwich (review will follow)).

interior, Leeloo, Bruges


  1. Hella says


    June 13, 2018 at 2:02 pm

    hi Trudi,
    I shall be going to Bruges on a day trip on the 14th July,and would like to have a vegan bite(just a small meal, really) somewhere in the city center. Which place would you recommend? Checked your reviews .and maybe Bohio will be good? Or let me know of a place which is easy to find,as of course I donโ€™t know my way around Bruges!
    if you like, you can send me an my em. address.
    Thank you so much in advance!
    Warm wishes,

    • hello Hella, There are several places where you could have a light lunch: Bohio is indeed good (it is near the square ‘t Zand, a 10 min walk from the Belfry).
      LPQ is also nice, although it can be crowded. Blackbird and Books & Brunch are apparently also nice (haven’t visited yet).
      Other light lunches: That’s Toast or Li au Lait (review on blog).
      sanseveria Bagelsalon has a vegan bagel.

      See the list here on my blog:

      Enjoy your trip to Bruges! Let me know how it went?

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