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#182 Lunch menu at restaurant/hotel Lof, Gent (2)

restaurant review #182 – Lof is the restaurant in Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof, in the center of Ghent (about 10 min walk from Korenmarkt). This review is from a visit a couple of months ago, at the start of 2018.

entrance of Lof, Ghent

dining room, Lof, Ghent

lounge area, Lof, Ghent

We had visited Lof previously with friends, a bit more than a year ago. And had some mixed feelings about that visit: the food was nice, but the service was somewhat erratic, for as a restaurant profiling itself for offering a vegan menu, it was somewhat disappointing that they did not pay attention to some ‘details’ (like vegan butter, no vegan chocolates with coffee) (see my previous review of Lof here).

We were here for a Saturday lunch with family. We arrived in the lobby at about 12.15, and were not allowed to enter the restaurant (it opens at 12.30) and only got a rather annoyed ‘no you can’t enter the dining room‘ reply. And so we just stood there. Had to ask where we could wait then, and the waiter pointed towards the lounge area. It would have been nice if someone at that point could have at least shown us where the wardrobe was (so we could get rid of our coats), or if they had offered us some drinks while waiting.

Shortly after half past twelve, we saw the dining room was open to patrons, and we entered. Staff was running around in the room, going back and forth, seemingly rearranging tables etc, and although there were hardly any other guests in the dining room, it took another half an hour (after having to ask!) before somebody came with the menu cards and we were served drinks. Pfew, not a nice start.

We all decided it would probably be easier if we went with the suggested menu. The non-vegan menu was 35€. Our vegan lunch was 33€ for 3 courses.

This is what we were served:

  • ricepaper with mousse of seasalad
  • wantan with coconut and lemon confit
  • spinach, parsnip and asparagus
  • celery, coconut, avocad, avocado, cucumber, asparagus
  • pumpkin, halzelnut, roasted vegetables (sjalot, chicory, cep, and something else that I don’t remember 😉 )
  • dessert was sorbet and exotic fruit

ricepaper with mousse of seasalad, Lof, Ghent

wantan with coconut and lemon confit, Lof, Ghent

spinach, parsnip and asparagus, Lof, Ghent

celery, coconut, avocad, avocado, cucumber, asparagus, Lof, Ghent

pumpkin, halzelnut, roasted vegetables (sjalot, chicory, cep, and something else that I don’t remember 😉 ), Lof, Ghent

dessert was sorbet and exotic fruit, Lof, Ghent

When ordering drinks, I asked about vegan white wine. The waiter(s) (I asked several times) had no idea, although we had been served a bottled of vegan wine on our previous visit. I showed a pic of the brand that we had had previously, and one of them then went to look for it, and found it. As I had asked for a specific wine, we apparently had to order the whole bottle. It was a Lurazio Abruzzo, and we were charged 40€ for the bottle (and unfortunately, it was not really cooled).

Vegan white wine, Lurazio Abruzzo, 40€

It took quite a long time before our table was cleared after having finished the dishes, and we were served coffee. Again, no vegan chocolates or other sweets with the coffee.

Restaurant Lof is accessible (stepfree access). The setting of the dining room is very nice: a lovely spacious and nicely decorated room, chairs are comfortable, although the bench at the round tables is not so comfortable (and some chairs could use cleaning, mine had stains on it). Toilets are downstairs (elevator going down) and very spacious and clean.

Toilets at Lof, Ghent. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

All in all: the food was nice (in quite cheap for a 3 course menu). Although it is a pity that Lof still does not pay any attention to side things that would make the vegan menu ‘complete’. Still no vegan bread, no vegan butter. No vegan chocolates with the coffee.
Service was however extremely slow, and very chaotic, which was a real downer.

Restaurant Loflocation
Hoogstraat 36
9000 Gent
+32 (0)9 235 40 71


Update Fall 2018: new concept. No longer vegetarian menu standardly available. For vegan: make reservation.

See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

dining room, round table and bench on the right, Lof, Ghent

chandelier and bar, Lof, Ghent

dining room, Lof, Ghent

carpet at entrance with name of restaurant, Lof, Ghent


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