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#183 Light lunch at That’s Toast, Bruges

restaurant review #183 – That’s Toast is a brasserie in the center of Bruges. It is the Dweersstraat, which is near ‘t Zand (connecting the two shopping streets: the Zuidzandstraat and the Noordzandstraat). It is in the same location as where Grün used to be (which unfortunately closed).

front terrace, That’s Toast, Bruges

That’s Toast has a no reservations policy, which I find very unfortunate. I often avoid going to restaurants with a no-reservation policy, as I have mobility issues (sometimes use a wheelchair). When dining out, I will always try to make a reservation, as I want to be sure I will have a place to sit upon arrival. If one is met with a long queue and not sure how long it will last, it is for me also not always possible to decide last minute to go somewhere else (especially when vegan options in town are not so abundant).
So this time I was taking the chance, since I was meeting a friend here for lunch. Upon arrival there was a small queue to get in. We waited for about 15 minutes and then we were guided to a table for two. Pfew.

Next to the place inside (in separate smaller rooms), there are also two tables on a front terrace (street) and a larger terrace at the back.

interior, That’s Toast, Bruges

menu, That’s Toast, Bruges

We asked about vegan options and were told we could have the Classic – without the egg (8€) and the Tomato tomato (7,5€). I also had a zesty orange juice (3,5€).

juice, That’s Toast, Bruges

That’s Toast, Bruges

Tomato tomato, That’s Toast, Bruges

My friend suspected that there might have been honey used in the tomato, but after having asked again (and checked with the kitchen staff), they reassured us that no honey was used.
The toasts were really nice, and good value for money (being a light lunch snack).  If you have a huge appetite, you might consider ordering two toasts.

Entrance was accessible, but toilets are with steep stairs going up. Chairs, and bench against the wall not really comfortable.

toilets at That’s Toast, Bruges, upstairs Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

at the counter, That’s Toast, Bruges

terrace at the back, view from toilets, That’s Toast, Bruges

A nice light lunch. Would be nice though to see some more vegan options on the menu. Pity about the no-reservations policy though.

Additional note: on our visit, we asked about the bread, and it was said to be vegan. Although the information I received via e-mail months ago stated that the normal bread isn’t vegan, but the glutenfree bread is. So when you visit, be sure to double check about the bread.

That’s Toast, location
Dweersstraat 4
8000 Brugge
050/68 82 27


logo on wall inside, That’s Toast, Bruges

flower on tables, That’s Toast, Bruges

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