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#263 – Nice light lunch and lots of cute cards at Postbar, Bruges

restaurant review #263 – This review is from a restaurant visit to Postbar a couple of months ago, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started. Postbar opened in 2019, in the Langestraat, on the East side of Bruges. It’s a small breakfast/lunch bar, with several postcards for sale which one can write on site and also post there. Postbar is on the corner and has a bright interior, with some relax chairs as well. There is always a vegan option available. We had vegan soup (pea soup – the bread is vegan and vegan butter available, 6€). And toast with vegetable spread, which came with a nice and colourful salad on the side (8€).

#183 Light lunch at That’s Toast, Bruges

restaurant review #183 – That’s Toast is a brasserie in the center of Bruges. It is the Dweersstraat, which is near ‘t Zand (connecting the two shopping streets: the Zuidzandstraat and the Noordzandstraat). It is in the same location as where Grün used to be (which unfortunately closed). That’s Toast has a no reservations policy, which I find very unfortunate. I often avoid going to restaurants with a no-reservation policy, as I have mobility issues (sometimes use a wheelchair). When dining out, I will always try to make a reservation, as I want to be sure I will have a place to sit upon arrival. If one is met with a long queue and not sure how long it will last, it is for me also not always possible to decide last minute to go somewhere else (especially when vegan options in town are not so abundant). So this time I was taking the chance, since I was meeting a friend here for lunch. Upon arrival there was a small queue to get in. We waited …

#88 – Light lunch at Bio Bar von Antun, Vienna ***

Restaurant review #88 – Bio bar von Antun is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Vienna (Austria). We were there for lunch this Summer (see other reviews from our trip to Vienna). It was a beautiful sunny – but very hot – day, and we were pleased to see there is a large terrace in front of the restaurant (we managed to get a spot in the shade). The restaurant is located in a no-traffic zone, and despite being really close to the historic hotspots of Vienna, it was pleasantly quiet, with only a few passers by. – Update see below –  It is a vegetarian restaurant, but vegan options are clearly labelled on the menu card. I didn’t have a large appetite, so only took a starter: Bruschetta mit Paradeis-Sauce, Räucher-Tofu, Knoblauch und italienischen Kräutern, garniert (8,90€). Jim had soup, and a main dish with salad on the side (14,90€). The lady who served us was friendly, we didn’t have to wait long to have our order taken and food followed quickly. It was …