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#368 Nice lunch at Smaeck, Weert (NL)

restaurant review #368 – Smaeck is a lunch room in Weert, in the south of the Netherlands. We were here at the end of 2022.

front and outdoor seating, Smaeck, Weert (NL)
part of menu, Smaeck, Weert (NL)

There are not that many vegan options on the menu, but we could each choose a different option: ovenbaked tortilla with carrot 11,75€, and toast with charissa and avocado (forgot the price). Also ordered the 4 vegan burgers (listed as small appetizer on menu, 7,5€).

torilla, Smaeck, Weert (NL)
toast, Smaeck, Weert (NL)
4 burgers (appetizer), Smaeck, Weert (NL)
totilla, inside, Smaeck, Weert (NL)
lunch, Smaeck, Weert (NL)
sign at toilets, Smaeck, Weert (NL) – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE
a look inside form the front door, Smaeck, Weert (NL)

Food was nice. Service was friendly. We sat on the terrace despite being chilly and a thunderstorm passing over, because inside was rather full and loud.

They also have some vegan pastry options.

The restaurant room is not accessible, steps to get in. Two toilets at the back, not accessible.

Gave them a Happy Cow sticker. Hope they put it up the window!

terrace, looking at the main square of Weert

All in all: nice lunch, good food and friendly! Bit loud inside.

Smaeck, location

Hoogstraat 5
6001 ET Weert

the Netherlands 

website: https://puur-smaeck.nl/

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