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#263 – Nice light lunch and lots of cute cards at Postbar, Bruges

restaurant review #263 – This review is from a restaurant visit to Postbar a couple of months ago, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started.

Postbar opened in 2019, in the Langestraat, on the East side of Bruges. It’s a small breakfast/lunch bar, with several postcards for sale which one can write on site and also post there. Postbar is on the corner and has a bright interior, with some relax chairs as well.

on the corner, Postbar, Bruges

There is always a vegan option available. We had vegan soup (pea soup – the bread is vegan and vegan butter available, 6€). And toast with vegetable spread, which came with a nice and colourful salad on the side (8€).

vegan soup, Postbar, Bruges

Toast with vegetable spread, Postbar, Bruges

Fresh juice, Postbar (4,20€), Bruges

For desserts two options were vegan: bananabread and chocolate pie (3,90€ and 4,50€). Cappuccino was 3,50€.

Banana bread and chocolate pie, Postbar, Bruges

and coffee, Postbar, Bruges

Service was very friendly, and knowledgeable about vegan.

Entrance and front of restaurant room is accessible, one elevated room only through some steps. No accessible toilet. Toilet was spotlessly clean (everything seemed brand new).

Toilet at Postbar, Bruges. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE.

cactus, Postbar, Bruges

interior at the back, Postbar, Bruges

We had a very nice light lunch! Nice addition to Bruges.

Postbar, location

Langestraat 82
0486/11 57 01


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This review is from before a visit before the lockdown, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.


Menu, Postbar, Bruges

interior at the back, Postbar, Bruges

counter, Postbar, Bruges

Brugge, peacefully quiet during the lockdown in April 2020.

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