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#262 – Vegan menu in nice decor, Epiphany’s kitchen, Ghent

restaurant review #262 – It’s been a while since I posted. And this review is from a restaurant visit a couple of months ago, just before the lockdown measures due to the COVID19 pandemic started.

Epiphany’s kitchen opened at the end of 2018. The restaurant is situated in the city center, next to the medieval castle Gravensteen.
We visited mid January 2020, on a Sunday, for lunch. We made a reservation, and that was absolutely necessary, as the place soon filled, and patrons had to be turned away.

Front of Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

Interior – front room, Front of Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

The interior at Epiphany’s kitchen is very nice. It’s and Instagram worthy decor 😉

Everything on the menu is vegan and glutenfree. Great! It is however not a vegan restaurant as the dishes can be pimped with non-vegan extras: salmon, chicken, cheese, etc.
When ordering, I asked whether there are also vegan extras to put on the dishes but the waitress seemed to be taken by surprise by my question. Well, if you can have extras like ‘salmon’ and ‘chicken’, why no vegan extras? Like soy pieces, or seitan, or tempeh, …?

Part of menu, Front of Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

Part of menu, Front of Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

Part of menu, Front of Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

We had the shared starters from the menu: vegetable fries with tartar sauce, vegetables for cheese fondu and edamame beans.
These were very nice. The cheese sauce (fondu) was only lukewarm though.

Vegetable fries with tartar sauce, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

Edamame beans, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

vegetables – cheese fondu, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

As main dishes we had a butternut pizza and the sweet potato ‘pasta’ with vegs and peanut sauce (the sweet potato is the pasta).
Not really convinced by these dishes. Very original and nice presentation, but all in all quite monotone tasting. The pizza was like eating a plate of heavy butternut soup. And the ‘pasta’ – given that it was all vegetables, was quite heavy.

Butternut pizza, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

Sweet potato pasta, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

It took a very long time for the main dishes to be served.
We were intrigued by the vegan cheese dessert platter, but were already stuffed and by that time (nearly 2 hours) also wanted to leave.

The entrance is accessible (just) and the first half of restaurant room is on ground floor. Then one large step to go further back. No accessible toilet. Toilet was clean.

Interior, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

toilet at Epiphany’s kitchen – Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

Drinks, mint lime lemonade and alcohol free gin tonic, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

Our food bill was 79€ (two menus at 39,5€ per person). Drinks were: 4,50€ for a mint lime lemonade, and 7,5€ for an alcohol free gin-tonic. 6€ for bottle of sparkling water (0,5L).

All in all: very nice decor, but we had some mixed feelings about the food, and it was a long wait. Rather on the expensive side.

Epiphany’s kitchen, location
Burgstraat 10
9000 Gent


website: http://epiphanyskitchen.com/

This review is from before a visit before the lockdown, so please be aware that the setting, menu, etc may have changed meanwhile.

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logo Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

interior – part of back room, Epiphany’s Kitchen, Ghent

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