#172 Light lunch at Bohio, Bruges

restaurant review #172 Bohio is a lunch bar in the city center of Bruges. It is in the Noordzandstraat, which, as you can already tell from the name, is a street leading to ‘t Zand. Bohio was originally in de Ezelstraat, but moved to this location a couple of weeks ago.
When I was looking for Bohio, I found number 85 in the Noordzandstraat , and I found a shop with … clothes. Then I noticed the sign at the pavement pointing to the lunch bar, at the back of the clothes shop. So it is a bit tucked ayway from sight. It was a surprise to see it right next to a hair salon, also in the same space.
UPDATE – see below

Front of Bohio (clothes shop, street sign for Bohio on pavement), Bruges
in the shop window, lunch menu and pies announced, Bohio, Bruges

interior, hair salon on the right, Bohio cafe on left, Bruges
books, next to counter, bohio, Bruges
interior, Bohio, Bruges
menu vegan options labelled, Bohio, Bruges,

There are several vegan options standardly available at Bohio, bowls, sandwiches, and salads. The bread of the sandwiches was said to be vegan. There is also vegan cake available, made by Chez Mariette. The plat du jour can always be veganised. And there are also fresh juices.

This is what I had for lunch (totalling 12€)

  • Carrot apple and ginger juice
  • Sandwich with vegan chicken curry and vegan cheese
  • Soup of the day
lunch at Bohio, sandwiches, soup and juice (13,50€) Bruges
Sandwich, Bohio, Bruges

A great lunch, tasted delicious and great value for money. Although the cake looked very good, the sandwiches had already filled me quite enough.

Vegan cake, Bohio, Bruges

The lady making the food and serving was very friendly, and knowledgeable about what vegan means.

There are some chairs and benches at Bohio. The chairs are with armrests, which were good. The benches had sheep skin (I don’t know whether this was real or synthetic, but I stayed away from it) draped over them.
Toilet was still ‘under construction’ (no washing bassins),  but that was said to be be fixed soon.

Toilet at Bohio – If you’re wondering why there is a picture of a toilet here, you can read more about that here 
Bohio Bruges. (future plans: make a terrace in the back court yard)

A couple of weeks later I visited again with a friend, and we had tea and cake outside (the terrace wasn’t ready yet, but there were some tables and chairs already placed at the outside back area).  (two pieces of cake, coffee and tea total of 13,50€).

tea and cake outside, Bohio, Bruges

All in al, very cheap and nice lunch at Bohio (especially considering other prices in Bruges!). Will definitely visit again.

Bohio, location
Noordzandstraat 85
8000 Brugge

UPDATE: moved Summer 2018 to Geldmuntstraat 1, location

UPDATE 2: Closed Nov 2018


UPDATE: now moved to Geldmuntstraat 1

view at counter, Bohio
Smedenpoort, entrance to the city of Bruges, not far from Bohio

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