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#256 Sandwich for lunch at vegetarian restaurant Aguaribay, Barcelona

restaurant review #256 – Aguaribay is a vegetarian restaurant in the El Poblenou area of Barcelona. It is not far from the beach. We visited a couple of months ago, when we were in Barcelona for the EACAS conference (European Association of Critical Animal Studies). We were too early for lunch (starts at 1PM) but we could get a sandwich with hummus and tomatoes, which was nice.

#174 Sandwiches and wraps from Pret a Manger, London

restaurant review #174 – Pret a Manger is a ‘healthy’ fastfood chain with several restos around the world (UK, US, France, and now also one in the Netherlands in Utrecht). One can easily recognise the restaurants with the distinguishable red logo. Pret A Manger offers light breakfast and lunch options, like soup, salads, baguettes and wraps, and has several items suitable for vegans.¬†Some of their locations are also vegetarian (veggie prets, with vegan options) and have a characteristic green design. We have visited several Pret a Manger in London. Technically, this is not really a restaurant review, as we did not have our meals on site, but simply bought take away. But I wanted to post some photos of the food we bought at Pret a Manger during our last trip to London. All in all: good value for money, a good and freshly prepared snack.¬†The amount of plastic packaging is a real pity though. The website mentions that Pret a Manger wants to have 100% recycable, reusable or compostable plastic, and eliminate all unnecessary …

#172 Light lunch at Bohio, Bruges

restaurant review #172 Bohio is a lunch bar in the city center of Bruges. It is in the Noordzandstraat, which, as you can already tell from the name, is a street leading to ‘t Zand. Bohio was¬†originally in de Ezelstraat, but moved to this location a couple of weeks ago. When I was looking for Bohio, I found number 85 in the Noordzandstraat , and I found a shop with … clothes. Then I noticed the sign at the pavement pointing to the lunch bar, at the back of the clothes shop. So it is a bit tucked ayway from sight. It was a surprise to see it right next to a hair salon, also in the same space. UPDATE – see below There are several vegan options standardly available at Bohio, bowls, sandwiches, and salads. The bread of the sandwiches was said to be vegan. There is also vegan cake available, made by Chez Mariette. The plat du jour can always be veganised. And there are also fresh juices. This is what I had …

#158 Vegan sandwiches and salads at EXKi, Bruges

restaurant review #158 – The Exki restaurants are part of an¬†international chain. There are several EXKi restaurants in Belgium, most are in Brussels though (27 of them, previous review of EXKi Agora Brussels here). There‚Äôs also an EXKi¬†in the train station of Bruges. Contrary to common belief, it is not an¬†full organic chain (the FAQ on their website states¬†about¬†30% of their products are organic). The¬†EXKi restaurants have a couple of¬†vegan options standardly available, which are clearly indicated on the labels:¬†sandwiches, salads, soup. Unfortunately no vegan desserts though (except for some fruit). The Exki restaurants are not for elaborate wining and dining, but more of a fastfood ‚Äėself service‚Äô place: you take your food from the fridges, pay at the counter, and then afterwards clean up the table. There‚Äôs also a microwave to heat your dish. You can of course also buy to take-away. There are not that many vegan options, but it is good for a quick lunch, when you are in a hurry, coming back from a meeting, or before boarding the train. This …

Sandwiches for the feast of St. Nicholas: ‘klaaskoeken’ – vegan

‘Klaaskoeken’ are not really cookies, but more sandwich like breads. I could not find a proper English translation for it! They are traditionally eaten in Western-Flanders (most in the south of the province) around the period of Saint-Nicholas. (Sinterklaas¬†or Saint Nicholas is on December 6, a date when children in many countries (especially Netherlands, Belgium) wake up to find toys and candy that Saint Nicholas on his horse and his helpers have brought to their homes, through the chimney – as the legend goes. The sandwiches mostly take the shape of a horse ( calles ‘kloajsp√®rden’) or a man or another figure (we also make ducks). Whether you particpate in this children’s feast or not, they are delicious! One eats them with a bit of ‘butter’, or with bread spead. It’s very rare to find vegan ‘klaaskoeken’, so we experimented. Note: this¬†recipe calls for advanced preparation: the dough needs time to rise. ¬†

#51 Nice lunch at vegan Fortify Caf√© in Maidstone (UK) ****

Restaurant review #51 – On our route¬†from Dover to Brighton, we stopped in Maidstone for lunch. When looking at a map of the south east of England, Maidstone isn’t exactly in between Dover and Brighton, but it is very close to the M20, which¬†turns out to be a faster and easier route to Brighton than driving through¬†the small coastal towns (which can also be nice, we did this a couple of years ago). It’s a small town, and the city center is easily accesible from one of the parkings at the edge (oh, and there’s even a Lush! shop with vegan toilteries and care products). Fortify Caf√© was recommended to us in one of the vegan FB groups,¬†when we asked for suggestions to eat on route to Brighton. Perfect¬†stop: about half way in our journey, and we arrived just after noon. UPDATE SEE BELOW As the name suggest, it’s not really a restaurant, but¬†more a bistro/caf√© style place,¬†with also take away option, and some seats outside. We had some orange juices (¬£3) to drink. Which …

A sandwich √† la vegan

Last week, I had to go to Leuven for an educational course for work.¬†A whole day training, and lunch was included. I asked in advance whether I could have a vegan lunch, and the organisation replied they’d forwarded my message to the caterer. Situations like these are always a bit exciting, but worrying at the same time. I took two energy bars with me, just in case. The slide with the day’s agenda mentioned we would be served a sandwich lunch. Surely they could manage that? Lunch break. Everyone left the conference room, towards the table with the sandwiches. Above all other sandwiches on the windowstill, and clearly noticeable to everyone, was a plate with a sandwich ‘veganist’ (the Dutch word for ‘a vegan person’*). Two sandwiches actually, with a label with clearly written ‘VEGANIST’ next to it. I couldn’t miss ūüôā¬† That’s mine! Nothing very culinary exciting, but all in all nice they made an effort! One sandwich was with some sort of guacamole, the other one with a salad and dressing. The times, …

Southern chiabatta

Quick and easy chiabatta sandwich for lunch. It doesn’t always have to be fancy! Ciabatta bread is normally vegan, but better check to be sure. We added Wilmersburger cheese (vegan) on top. Wouldn’t it be nice if sandwich bars would make something like this for lunch? Ingredients half chiabatta bread, sliced 1 tbs olive oil 2 small bell peppers 2 spring onion 2 sjalots 200 g mushrooms 1 clove garlic, minced 4 tbs passata (tomatosauce) pinches of pepper, salt,¬†oregano wilmersburger cheese pizzatoping handful of black olives, sliced Preparation Preheat oven to 180¬į (350F). Chop the vegetables brunoise (diced) and fry them – together with the garlic – in olive oil Add pepper, salt and oregano to your own liking. Put covered chiabatta in oventray and brush the bread with passata. Put the vegetables on the bread, add the¬†sliced olives on top and cover with Wilmersburger cheese. Sprinkle some olive oil on top. Put in oven till the chees form a crust and starts getting golden (about 15 minutes).