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Some changes on the blog: about me, google map and new lay out

Up till now, I’ve been writing this blog more or less anonymously (the same for my other blog in Dutch, Graswortels). It felt more important to me to have a digital platform were I could lay ‘my vegan egg’ (it’s a Dutch expression, I don’t know whether this translates well in English 😉 ) to have a place where I could drop some ideas, without having to be in the picture myself.

But I realise that people want to know something about the person who is writing the blog. To be able to place it in a context, to be able to put a face to it. A blog is of course a personal story, my thoughts and considerations about issues related to veganism and animal rights, so it is interesting to know whose mind those considerations have sprung from.  

So I have decided to take the plunge, and a couple of weeks ago, I have added some information about myself. Since I have also made some vlogs, and my face is now linked to the blog, I am no longer incognito anyway. 😉

Screenshot from my vlog ‘Maar de Wereld gaat niet van vandaag op morgen vegan worden’ (‘but the world won’t go vegan overnight’) YouTube

So, if you want to know some more about who I am, my background, you can read it on this page. 🙂

Some other changes on the blog: I have added a google map to the list of restaurants in Bruges with vegan options. So far I have added the vegan place (there are two vegan people’s kitchens in Bruges, and places with vegan options). I still want to add the restaurants that haven’t replied to my request for info to the map, and those who just said nope. You can see that map here.

And I’ve changed the layout. I am now using the Rebalance theme from WordPress. I like it! It’s more sober, gives more ‘air’ and I am glad the layout of the lists of restaurants also works well in this theme!
Love to hear your feedback!

screenshot of the google map I have added:






  1. Heide says

    What wonderful additions, Trudi! It *is* nice to put a face to the name — and the links on the map are a great idea too. Thank you for writing your fantastic blog, and please keep up the excellent work.

    • Hi Kristen, nice to see you 🙂 Lovely photo.
      The map took me some time, but it is indeed much better to have a visual overview of the city!

  2. We’re about the same age, I think! Looking forward to meeting you one day when we visit Belgium. Both my husband and I are vegan and live with our animal family here in the desert and nothing really grows well here so we envy your garden! Blog looks great. I always enjoy your posts and the map is very helpful.

  3. Hi Trudi! Nice to see you. I felt very similar when I first began blogging – I wanted to be kind of anonymous too. I think the English idiom would be “putting/dipping your toes in the water” or “testing the waters” or something to that effect. I don’t know why, but I spent 5 minutes thinking about it after reading your post. Anyway, I’m looking forward to being able to continue reading your points of view – and drooling over your restaurant photos.

    • Hey meghan, thanks!
      PS I also like the layout on your blog. It looks a lot like the Rebalance theme, but I don’t think it is? (couldn’t find it).

      • It’s one of the free ones – Triton Lite I think. I tried looking it up under Themes via the dashboard but I can’t tell for sure because it brings me to the mobile version of the WP admin site.

  4. Wonderful layout, Trudi. Easy to navigate, bright and cheerful, filled with vegan delights. I also agree that it is a joy to associate your blog (and vlog) with your very veganly soul and geography 🙂

  5. Nice to see who you are Trudi. I love your blog.

    As for me. It’s day five of my vegan life today after being a strict vegetarian for thirty-six years.

  6. veganbythebookblog says

    Hi, I am also looking to make some changes to my blog. I just opened the door to opportunity by upgrading to the premium package, using a limited time offer to save some money. I will be checking out your posts as I have time.

  7. ostendnomadography says

    Mooi Trudy, en your vegan egg:), schitterend:))).

    • merci merci 🙂

      PS: just a heads up: hier in de reacties is jouw naam niet aanklikbaar (om naar je site door te gaan) – wel via de gravatar

      • ostendnomadography says

        Ok zal es checken vnvd, mss omdat ik overgestapt ben naar een self hosted website. Dank voor de feedback Trudi:)

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