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Some changes on the blog: about me, google map and new lay out

Up till now, I’ve been writing this blog more or less anonymously (the same for my other blog in Dutch, Graswortels). It felt more important to me to have a digital platform were I could lay ‘my vegan egg’ (it’s a Dutch expression, I don’t know whether this translates well in English ūüėČ ) to have a place where I could drop some ideas, without having to be in the picture myself. But I realise that people want to know something about the person who is writing the blog. To be able to place it in a context, to be able to put a face to it. A blog is of course a personal story, my thoughts and considerations about issues related to veganism and animal rights, so it is interesting to know whose mind those considerations have sprung from.¬†¬† So I have decided to take the plunge, and a couple of weeks ago, I¬†have added some information about myself. Since I have also made some vlogs, and my face is now linked to the …

GIVEAWAY! 3 year blog anniversary and 100 resto reviews

Three¬†years ago, at the end of 2013 between Christmas and New Year, I¬†started The Bruges Vegan Blog. I had already been blogging in Dutch on Graswortels (previously called Veggieleven), but decided to start an English blog to share restaurant reviews and other things vegan related with people from around the world. 3 YEAR BLOG OVERVIEW In those three years, I have published 231 posts on The Bruges Vegan. A lot of¬†those posts are restaurant reviews. But there are also other posts about our garden, homemade meals in our kitchen, reviews from events like vegan festivals or lectures, and some posts about animal rights. The posts about Remembrance day (Armistice day, but not for the animals and The animal do not want our medals and statues) were shared more than thousands of times. I also posted some shop review (30 posts) and posts about¬†vegan products like vegan caviar or Danish pastry. It is rather a coincidence that the 3 year blog-anniversary coincides with¬†the milestone of 100 restaurant reviews (number 100 is published after this post). That …


Welcome to our blog, The Bruges Vegan. Still starting up, adding content and experimenting with themes, photos, featured images and so on! we hope to have the blog up and running shortly! greets from Bruges – Belgium