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#239 Beyond Meat burger at Ellis Gourmet Burger, Bruges

restaurant review #239 – Ellis Gourmet Burger is part of a chain of restaurants, with several locations in Belgium and the Netherlands. We had been to the Ellis in Louvain before and had the beet the roots burger then (see reviews of Ellis Gourmet Burger here). Since then, another vegan burger has been added to the menu: the Beyond Meat burger, so on this visit to the EGB in Bruges, we wanted to try the Beyond Meat burger.

front of Ellis Gourmet Burger with a sign for the Beyond Meat burger, Bruges

interior, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Bruges

vegan burgers labelled on menu, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Bruges

We ordered one with vegan cheese (12€), one without cheese (11€) and a portion of fries on the side (3,70€).

The Beyond Meat burger with vegan cheeze, Ellis Gourmet Burger, Bruges

Unfortunately the burger came without sauce (although noted on menu that it is with vegan tartare sauce). We inquired and there was no vegan tartare sauce available that day, and no veganaise available neither. So we were served ketchup. A pity. The burger was also not really warm (only lukewarm).
About the Beyond Meat burger itself we have mixed opinions. I’m not really a fan, I find it too dense and meat like, my husband finds it OK.

Service was very friendly. The interior of all restaurants of the Ellis Gourmet Burger chain are very similar in design and furniture (wooden chairs, not so comfy).
There is an upstairs area where you have a nice view on the Simon Stevin square and the Belfry a bit further. There is also a very large terrace on the Simon Stevin square.

Beware that although there are some vegan options on the menu, this is a traditional burger restaurant, so one cannot escape being confronted with animal dishes being served around you.

It is not accessible (steps to get in and toilets is upstairs).

Toilets upstairs, Ellis Gourmet Burger Bruges. Why do I include a pic of the toilet? Read about it HERE

interior upstairs, Ellis Gourmet Burger Bruges

view at the Belfry and terrace from the upstairs area, Ellis Gourmet Burger Bruges

interior downstairs, Ellis Gourmet Burger Bruges

All in all: Friendly and quick service. It’s nice that they now have more than one vegan option.  15+ euro for a (rather small) store bought burger with fries is quite expensive though. And pity there was no veganaise nor tartare sauce.

Ellis Gourmet Burger Brugge, location
Simon Stevinplein 14
8000 Brugge
+32 (0)50 80 00 00


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terrace, Ellis Gourmet Burger Bruges


  1. I’m not really a fan either, but my husband and friends love it, so I’ll cook it occasionally. When cooking at home, the meaty smell lingers in kitchen until the next day.

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