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#165 Light lunch at vegan tea house T&Ko, Louvain

restaurant review #165 – T & Ko is a new vegan tea house in the city of Louvain. It is located in de Tiensestraat, which seems gradually to become the vegan street of Louvain, with the Loving Hut and Vegaverso all in the same street! (Update Fall 2018 see below).

front of T&Ko, Louvain

Interior, T&Ko, Louvain

part of menu, T&Ko, Louvain

front of T&Ko, Louvain

We were here for lunch a couple of weeks ago. T&Ko offers some light lunch options, like soup and hummus, and also a plat du jour. They also have vegan pancakes, and lots of pies and cakes!

This is what we had for lunch:

apple juice, T&Ko, Louvain (it came with a saying – see below)

Soup of the day with bread – tomato soup (5€), T&Ko, Louvain

Bread with hummus (7€), T&Ko, Louvain

Mexican quinoa salad (9€), T&Ko, Louvain

Very nice lunch, and very good value for money (we though the main dishes were quite cheap actually).
The interior at T&Ko is simple but bright, with wooden chairs and tables.
The silence was on occasion deafening though, at one point I even started hearing the buzzing of the lights (or maybe that was my imagination?). Anyway, one could hear a pin drop, and as there were also other patrons in the establisment, we hardly dared to speak to each other, given lack of ‘auditory’ privacy. It made us feel a bit uncomfortable.

Toilet is in the back (ground level, accessible) after crossed a room where children come for dancing lessons. Toilet was clean, although the tap/ bassin could use a brushing.

Toilets in the back. T&Ko, Louvain

T&Ko, Louvain

pie at T&Ko, Louvain

All in all: we had a nice light lunch. Nice new addition to Louvain. Some background music to create some more atmosphere would be nice though 😉
Next time, we definitely want to try some pie or pancakes!

T&Ko, location
3000 Leuven / Louvain

UPDATE FALL 2018: now at address where Loving Hut classic used to be: Tiensestraat 65 – 3000 Leuven


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menu, T&Ko, Louvain

pies at counter, T&Ko, Louvain

statues in City Hall, Louvain

A word of advice, T&Ko, Louvain “Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity to begin. beginning makes the opportunity perfect” Alan Cohen


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