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#90 – Nice lunch at Vegaverso, Louvain (3)

Restaurant review #90 – Vegaverso is a vegan lunch bar in the city center of Louvain. Vegaverso serves mainly sandwiches, burgers and also some hot dishes like stews or pasta (the menu varies). We’ve been here a couple of times before, and impressions from some of those visits can be seen here (#27) and here (#34). Vegaverso is a lovely charming place, soberly but stylishly decorated, with a relaxed atmosphere. Service by Tilly and her mom is always super friendly. It’s semi-self service: you order at the bar, take your drinks with you, and when your food is ready they bring the order to your table. Our you can also buy to take away. update – see below  — The menu is pretty extensive, with several burgers, wraps, hotdogs to choose from. Also many different vegan sauces, and different types of bread. The combinations are endless! Also a great variety of vegan pastry and cookies. And the menu changes every once in a while too, so there’s always something new to try. We visited Vegaverso again in July for lunch. This is what we had: …

Vegan chocolates from Confiserie Jonas

We bought this selection of vegan chocolates on our last visit to restaurant Vegaverso in Leuven. They are made by Confiserie Jonas, a vegan chocolatier from Oudenaarde (we also bought his vegan ‘neuzekes or cuberdons, you can see those here). The leafy ones are with coconut caramel, the little bears with hazelnut praliné and the heart shaped ones with cuberdon syrup (a red raspberry candy). I especially liked the praliné ones, and the coconut caramel. The combination of cuberdon and chocolate wasn’t really my thing, although the other half of the bruges vegan happily ate all of those 🙂   Vegan chocolates from Confiserie Jonas 4 chocolates at 2,50€ bought at Vegaverso Leuven, March 2015

#34 Our lunch at vegan restaurant Vegaverso (2), Leuven *****

Restaurant review #34 – This was our second visit to vegan restaurant Vegaverso in Leuven, which opened only a couple of months ago. We already blogged about Vegaverso here, and in that blog you can also see photos from Vegaverso’s interior. Vegaverso is the second all vegan restaurant in town (the other one is the Loving Hut), and just around the corner from vegan shop SHAVT. We were there for a quick lunch. We had these juices from isis, bitter lemon and apple sparkle, 2,50€ each. — UPDATE – see below — As we had both eaten sandwiches on our previous visit to Vegaverso, we wanted to try the burgers. We had a de luxe burger soft (8€) and a smokey burger (8,90€) with a bowl of salad on the side (don’t remember the price of that). The ‘bacon’ in the smokey burger tasted creepingly real! Or as real as we both could remember what bacon actually tastes like (being nearly 20 years ago that we both had eaten any). The burgers are huge (for the record, you can also …

Vegan cuberdons or ‘neuzekes’

I had been quite a while since I last ate cuberdons. They are a typical Belgian candy, cone shaped, and called ‘neuzeke’ (a little nose). The artisanal ones are supposed to be vegan, but they are often also made using gelatine and non-vegan colouring. Confisserie Jonas, a vegan chocolatier from Oudenaarde makes vegan cuberdons! I was very happy to read they would be become available at resto Vegaverso in Leuven, as we had a trip to Leuven planned. Luckily, the cuberdons had just arrived the day we were in Vegaverso! vegan cuberdons 1 bag with 10 cuberdons, 5€ bought at Vegaverso Leuven, March 2015

#27 – Restaurant Vegaverso, Leuven ****

Restaurant review #27 – Vegaverso is a new addition in Louvain. Louvain or Leuven is a university city about 30km from Belgium’s capital Brussels and 130 km from Bruges. Vegaverso opened in the Summer of 2014 and is an all vegan restaurant. It is actually not a restaurant for elaborate wining and dining, but more a lunch/sandwich type bar with self-service (it also closes at 6PM, so not open for dinner). Vegaverso also offers take-away. But there’s plenty of space inside and outside to sit down and enjoy your lunch. The Loving Hut (vegan restaurant part of a worldwide chain) is just across the street and newly open vegan shop SHAVT is just around the corner (blog to follow!). A small vegan hub in the city center of Leuven! Yeah! 🙂 Vegaverso offers a wide variety of vegan sandwiches. And we’re not used to having such an alaborate menu card to choose from! In traditional restaurants or sandwich bars, a quick glance at the menu cards tells there’s hardly anything available for vegans. So having so many items to choose …