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#27 – Restaurant Vegaverso, Leuven ****

Restaurant review #27 – Vegaverso is a new addition in Louvain. Louvain or Leuven is a university city about 30km from Belgium’s capital Brussels and 130 km from Bruges. Vegaverso opened in the Summer of 2014 and is an all vegan restaurant.
It is actually not a restaurant for elaborate wining and dining, but more a lunch/sandwich type bar with self-service (it also closes at 6PM, so not open for dinner). Vegaverso also offers take-away. But there’s plenty of space inside and outside to sit down and enjoy your lunch.
The Loving Hut (vegan restaurant part of a worldwide chain) is just across the street and newly open vegan shop SHAVT is just around the corner (blog to follow!). A small vegan hub in the city center of Leuven! Yeah! 🙂

Vegaverso, Leuven

Vegaverso, Leuven


Vegaverso offers a wide variety of vegan sandwiches. And we’re not used to having such an alaborate menu card to choose from! In traditional restaurants or sandwich bars, a quick glance at the menu cards tells there’s hardly anything available for vegans. So having so many items to choose from is a luxury! 🙂 And all breadspreads are homemade.
On Friday and Saturday, Vegaverso also offers warm main courses. And on selected Sundays an elaborate brunch (see their FB page for dates).

Menu @vegaverso Leuven

Menu @vegaverso Leuven

This was our lunch at Vegaverso: the southern cashew sandwich (5,5€) and the seitan curry sandwich with extra salad (5,49€). Both with a multigrain bread. Very tastefull and a more than enough portion! My seitan curry sandwich came with too much bread to my personal taste, (and I think I would go for a softer sandwich next time, maybe the white baguette), but with a partner that can eat for two, that was no problem.

Cashew Zuiders / Southern Cashew, 5,5€

Cashew Zuiders / Southern Cashew, 5,5€

Curry (4,5€) with extra vegetables (0,99€)

Seitan curry (4,50€) with extra vegetables (0,99€)

As there are so many vegan desserts on offer (see the photos below), we couldn’t resist trying some: a coconut cookie, chocolat chip cookie (1,25€), and pie with cherry and banana (5€). The desserts weren’t as lush or exuberant as some vegan desserts we’ve eaten before, but nice nonetheless. And really nice to get a vegan chocolate with your coffee, a detail often overlooked in traditional bars or restaurants!

vegan desserts

vegan desserts

A very enjoyable experience, in a nice relaxing decor, with very friendly service.
Will definitly visit Vegaverso again next time I’m in Louvain. Eager to try out the other sandwiches on the menu!

Vegaverso, location
Tiensestraat 20
3000 Leuven

Some more pics from vegaverso Leuven:

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  1. Nice post and interesting place. It’s in my neighbourhood so I might try it out one day. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I have seen this before on the internet but haven’t been there yet! It is certainly an addition to the vegan scene in Leuven! x I will try their desserts soon! But the interior is a bit empty & cold, I think!

  3. I have been there today but indeed the bread portions were huge bit not very original. There wasn’t a nice atmosphere. It could have been more funky & cool!

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