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Veggieshop, Oostende

Shop review #7 – Veggieshop is located in the city center of Ostend, near the seaside, a 2 minute walk from the Casino Kursaal.
On their website, Veggieshop says it’s a specialist dealer in vegan-eco-organic clothes, shoes and cosmetics. You can also buy their products through their onlineshop.


veggieshop, Oostende



The clothes available at veggieshop are mainly T-shirts and sweaters. I browsed through the T-shirts looking for one with a vegan message, but didn’t find one.
Shopping for vegan shoes is not so easy in Belgian shops. There are of course several online shops to buy vegan shoes, but since I find 8 out of 10 shoes not to be really comfortable after trying them out, I like to be able to fit shoes before buying them (and sending them back through postal mail is such a big hassle). So it’s nice to see vegan shoes on offer in Veggieshop in Ostend. But I was hoping to find a larger variety and selection of vegan shoes. I asked whether I could order my size of a certain type/brand through the shop, and then decide to buy it after it was delivered in the shop (and after I had been able to fit it), but unfortunately that was not possible.

I bought these two products: a shampoo (9,9€) and body lotion (15€) from Verdesativa, both with the vegan logo from the Vegan Society. I hadn’t seen this brand before, so I wanted to try these out. Both nice, although a tad expensive I think (being rather small volumes).


Veggieshop is open every afternoon, except on Tuesday. Although it is advisable to check in advance whether they are open (see their website or call). I wanted to visit Veggieshop twice before, and it was unexpectedly closed on those occasions.


Veggieshop, Oostende

Veggieshop, location
Van Iseghemlaan 115
8400 Oostende
+32 (0)59 44 27 40

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veggieshop, Oostende


  1. It’s a surprise and a shame that you couldn’t find a T-shirt with a vegan message in the shop! I hope they will take notice of your comment!

  2. Haha dat heb ik dus ook gehad! Toen ik Veggieshop bezocht, hing er een briefje ”terug in 20 minuten” maar na 40 minuten babbelen langs de straat ben ik maar weg gegaan. 😉

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