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#90 – Nice lunch at Vegaverso, Louvain (3)

Restaurant review #90 – Vegaverso is a vegan lunch bar in the city center of Louvain. Vegaverso serves mainly sandwiches, burgers and also some hot dishes like stews or pasta (the menu varies). We’ve been here a couple of times before, and impressions from some of those visits can be seen here (#27) and here (#34).

Vegaverso is a lovely charming place, soberly but stylishly decorated, with a relaxed atmosphere. Service by Tilly and her mom is always super friendly. It’s semi-self service: you order at the bar, take your drinks with you, and when your food is ready they bring the order to your table. Our you can also buy to take away.

  • update – see below  —
vegan bistro Vegaverso, Louvain

vegan bistro Vegaverso, Louvain

The menu is pretty extensive, with several burgers, wraps, hotdogs to choose from. Also many different vegan sauces, and different types of bread. The combinations are endless! Also a great variety of vegan pastry and cookies. And the menu changes every once in a while too, so there’s always something new to try.
We visited Vegaverso again in July for lunch. This is what we had:

drinks apple juice

drinks Isis apple sparkle, 2,50€ each


Chick’n burger 5,50€


Cheezy wrap, 7€


dessert: Louvain coffee and chocolate spelt with caramel and speculoos (7€ together)

A lovely lunch and more than big enough portions. The chick’n burger was even too much for me (too much bread), but Jim didn’t mind having some more bread with his wrap 🙂 Priced only 5,5€ and 7€, this is definitely good value for money. Actually, it’s pretty cheap!

We bought some cookies (forgot the price) to take with us for later in the afternoon. These were a bit disappointing though (very hard and dry).


cookies from Vegaverso

Here are some more impressions from Vegaverso in Louvain, the menu, the interior, and the counter. A great place in Louvain for a light lunch!

Vegaverso, location
Tiensestraat 20
3000 Leuven

UPDATE – unfortunately CLOSED


See our lists of restaurants where vegans are welcome in the menu section of The Bruges vegan! List restaurants in Bruges and outside  Bruges.

vegaverso, toilet in the back, clean and tody

vegaverso, toilet in the back, clean and tidy

Cosy corner at Vegaverso, Louvain

Cosy corner at Vegaverso, Louvain

Vegaverso Louvain

Vegaverso Louvain


  1. thank you for the kind review 🙂 Sorry about the dry and hard cookies !! For some strange reason the bakery where we order them decided to change the recipy and this was definitely not a good idea….we ( and most other customers )complained and recently they have changed the recipe back to the original one 🙂

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