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#164 Asian style fastfood at Vegesana, Barcelona

restaurant review #164 – Vegesana is a vegetarian restaurant in the city center of Barcelona. Not far from Plaça Catalunya. Vegesana is an asian style restaurant, and has lots of faux meat dishes on the menu.

The restaurant has a small entrance and a small front room, but it there’s a second room at the back of the restaurant, which we were asked to take place.

entrance, Vegesana, Barcelona

interior, Vegesana, Barcelona

The menu is very extensive, with lots of faux meats. Hard to choose! Most items are vegan, some dishes are with egg, but can also be ordered without eggs.

menu at Vegesana, Barcelona

menu at Vegesana, Barcelona

We were immediately served this small snack as an appetizer:

a small appetizer to get started, Vegesana, Barcelona

This is what we ordered:

  • tofu brochettes (3,95€)
  • tempura (8,90€)
  • tofu dish (8,90€) with noodles on the side (noodles were said to be without eggs)  (5,50€)
  • vegan gambas (9,50€) with rice on the side (5,90€)

Glass of water was 2€ (no large bottles available).

tofu brochettes, Vegesana, Barcelona

tempura, HUGE portion!, Vegesana, Barcelona

The main dishes:

tofu dish with noodles, vegesana, Barcelona

vegan gambas with rice on the side (forgot to include on photo), Vegesana, Barcelona

vegan gambas at Vegesana, Barcelona

The food came very fast, and seemed to be served ‘as was ready’ in the kitchen (strange as the restaurant was hardly full at that time, less than a handful of tables). First the brochettes, then some minutes later the tempura. The tempura was a huge portion, we could easily have ordered this as an appetizer for two. While we were still eating our appetizers, the main dishes were already served. Wow, that was fast! They also came in sequence (were not served all at once, first the tofu with noodles, then a bit later the gambas and rice).

As the food was served so quickly, we hardly had time to ‘digest’ and we simply stuffed! Although we did like it a lot! No room for a dessert any more (I also can’t remember wheter there were any desserts available at all).

Vegesana has a simple interior and decor. The atmosphere was also very informal, with children of staff playing around. They were very friendly, although communication was sometimes a bit difficult (some hardly spoke any English).

Toilets were basic but clean, the metal stains on the bassin gave it a untidy impression though.

Toilets at Vegesana, Barcelona

In Sum: the food was nice (no culinairy extravaganza or refined, but good!), great variety on the menu. Very large portions. Atmosphere not so cosy and since everything was very ‘rushed’, not so relaxed.
At about 15 euros for a main dish, this seemed reasonably priced for prices we are commonly used to (in Belgium). But as we later discovered, dining out in Barcelona is mostly a bit cheaper, so this was actually on the more expensive side.  Especially since it was more of a ‘fastfood’ experience.

Vegesana, location
Carrer d’Aribau 14
08011 Barcelona
Tel: +34 935 197 510


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Front room of restaurant, Vegesana, Barcelona

On our way to Vegesana: Casa Battlo, by Gaudi

Plaçca Reila, or the Royal Square, near the Ramblas, Barcelona



  1. Patricia Bervoets says

    Nearby you can find the vegetarian (with lots of vegan dishes) cuisine of Teresa Carles. Outstanding food! You can also buy fresh cold pressed juices and veggie nut milks.
    C/Jovellanos 2 Ciutat Vella Barcelona

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