A visit to organic shop Biovita in Roeselare

Shop review #9 – Biovita is a new organic shop in Roeselare (41km from Bruges). It opened at the end of 2014. Biovita now has three shops: two in Bruges, and this one in Roeselare.

Biovita Roeselare
Biovita Roeselare

Biovita is not an all-vegan shop, but they do have many vegan products available that you will not find so easily in other ‘regular’ shops. For example vegan cheeses, icecream or non dairy milkdrinks, tempeh, silk tofu, nuts, seaweeds, etc. They also clearly label the products as being vegan, lactose free or gluten free (but as you know, it’ always best to check and double check).

Roeselare is too far for us to go shopping on a regular basis (the two shops in Bruges are of course closer to us). But we were in the neighbourhood a couple of weeks ago and paid them a visit!

Biovita Roeselare
Biovita Roeselare

Here are some more impressions from the new shop in Roeselare. There’s plenty of parking next to the shop. Style is similiar to the shops in Bruges, and they also have a selection of toys (not so much available at the shop in Sint-Kruis).



Biovita, location
Meensesteenweg 51
8800 Roeselare

To announce their opening at the end of October 2014, Biovita had advertissements on public busses of De Lijn. One of them read this, which was probably the first time a bus drove around in Flanders carrying the word vegetarian (vegan would have been nicer of course ;-).
Photo from the Facebook stream of Biovita (here)



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  1. I’m very impressed by the pictures of this store: it looks great. The opening of this store must be one of the best things that have happened to Roeselare in recent years. 🙂 I wish the owners of the store a lot of success. The advertising on the bus is fantastic.

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